This surfaced and was too good not to share.

Circa: 1993 Here we are. What a day, + we look like wrecks. + what of it? 

i was art directing. We had stopped for a ‘buddy’ shot during the plexi-painting photo. From left, someone-you-know, Ann Cunningham, Terry Koepsel + Lonnie Hanzon, looking as though he is trying to talk photographer, John Mueller, out of this one.

ME: Any monkey can do what i do…
LONNIE: Well, that may be true, but do you realize how long it would take to train a monkey?

‘Drew is listening to the song One More Day from Les Miz (colloq.) when his sister comes in asking  hurried questions about this and that.
He raises his eyes to heaven in mock disgust, The moment is ruined! START IT AGAIN!
He cracks me up.

The only part of costuming i do not like is taking the time opening safety pins.

Where there are possibilities of too many double letters in one word, i usually get the spelling wrong.
+ another thing, the ‘i e’ rule doesn’t.

Matching furniture is a clue to adulthood.

i wonder about many things ...  not in the least is, when did my generation get use to listening to mini sound speakers instead of the steady boom of a Klipsh Belle?


  1. safety pins always get me...neat shot...parade? i like parades...

  2. Lonnie's is colorful indeed.

    why does all furniture have to match? i want to live in eclecticville

  3. Oh God my furniture matches! Totally with you re double letters and 'ie'. I mean I live in a city with a suburb named Woolloomoolloo (I think I spelled that correctly)

  4. Clever disquise J. Thanks for the nod over link. Had you just arrived from Maine or Alaska?

  5. Great shot. Love the bit about the safety pins.

  6. Nothing like a group pict that catches real faces not perfectly smiling for the camera. Fun shot!

  7. i recommend the bent safety pins....