Finding solutions to everyday living design problems, i vest in the every-man-for-himself design. i build the next challenge, reminding myself once + once again at how well i cover up the last mistake with the next process.

Starting with music…

… + a calm center … waiting briefly for the flood that will run through me, running feral as if to organize a chaotic universe, a multiverse where no level ground exists + there is nothing to equalize. That is a poor way to describe what happens inside the space between molecules, between the football fields of space between atoms. The creative curve is never as clear as in this slipstream ending w/ an image conjured out of thin air. i take intention with a point in time + then i walk away. Only when i’ve gathered up my bravery, i come back to see what the moment has rendered. What was dropped in the dance?

i find myself too old for either ennui or angst, but i get sucked into it every time.

Rest on that.