Meraki - A word describing doing something with soul, creativity, or love -- when you put something of yourself into what you're doing, whatever it may be.

That whatever-it-may-be comes in infinite packages, everyone has one - Mine is building Meraki Issues + dispatching them to my dear patrons. 

Each quarterly perzine is a deep blend on an overall theme. It’s also a challenging project that keeps me honest + on the rails.

From my seat, collecting images, mistakes, drafting prose + confessions have always been an important part of what encompasses my studio work. This is the nitty gritty process stuff that may never see the light of day, never hit the gallery, or even become full blown finished. Some ideas are really never meant to leave the studio, don’t you agree? But I believe all the bits deserve a way out. The zine form accommodates.

A huge shout out to current patrons who make these issues possible. 

Thank you for your supporting of art work at hand + my work in particular.

Harnett Hargrove 

Harnett Hargrove
Harnett Hargrove