Hibernating with a Deer Spirit

Walking back from the bus stop this morning i could feel a shift in the air.
Winter's Work is coming on.


Action and reaction are equal and opposite. -Gertrude Stein

Choose a subject equal to your abilities; think carefully what your shoulders may refuse, and what they are capable of bearing. -Horace

All men are equal before fish. -Herbert Hoover

William of Occam's Razor
The principle states that one should not make more assumptions than the minimum needed.
One should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.
All things being equal the simplest solution if often right.

...I would have to add that all of the religions today seem archaic and dangerous. -Joey

Drew would have to also add,
I don't think god is in heaven anymore, that was a long time ago.
A quandary.


Just dusting off the unfinished manuscript
from the collaborative piece, w/ Hanzon, on the cross-training dictionary. 
i’ve not posted any in a long while + thought i would break this silence w/ a few more of our simple revelations: or not.

1. Materials-alter / Method-alchemy / Inspiration-spirit.

2. There exists in everything the potential of transformation.

The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has. -Michelangelo

3. Try to know if that was the easy part or the hard part.

4. If something is not changing you are not looking close enough.

5. Muse: Learn to work this. Most successful freelancers can't afford to wait for inspiration. People in other professions work everyday whether they feel like it or not.

6. Keep the iron moving.

7. Use gravity to you own advantage.

8. In a proposal I like to always throw in something terribly wrong ... just to see if they are watching.

9. Inner-directed / Outer-directed.

10. Edentulous; Without teeth. I just really like this word.

11. Dynamic Change; Change that happens positively, immediately and, is not irreversible.

12. Great creative works are hard work and not simple. Move towards a true quiet profound excitement, and, being in this slipstream of the creative flux is indeed our element of trusting the outcome.


A semiretired backdrop tool, that has been to the paintbrush hospital way too many times.

In Hong Kong workers mopped up behind us w/ the reek of benzene as though we were stinky americans. There was an amazing lack of unemployed citizens + dirty smells. Early morning in front of the five star hotel we were forced to stay in, we could wouldn't help notice men on their knees scrubbing the white lines on the street using acetone + a toothbrush.

Describing the aroma inside the elevator left us competing for superlatives. This bouquet of sweaty chrome landed somewhere between spicy incense + unpopular feral swine. 

jahh / Script for a practicing artist + an unfinished life.


He had been asked to leave more than once.

He refused, citing that his subscription to his prescriptions had not run out.

He walked the pink and celery halls clutching his newly acquired white RX sack, like it was a goody bag.

jahh / Some of My Best Friends



This rusted giant crushed can thingie will not be coming home w/ me.
Here is an example of something i can not make.
i collect things i can not make.
They lie mean-looking, stacked in a wood crate, sometimes disturbed, but mostly waiting to be upcycled.

define work load / budget
define budget / workload
things you can steal
things you can hand over to someone else
things too large to move

i keep thinking about what am i going to be, what am i gonna do? That is the condition of an artist. i am once again gaining mental ground by stepping away from it all + saying, okay this is it, i am what i am being. Socks up, continue on. Older ideas drop off, some decision are made for you ... others take time.
Instead of having the mind of this is my lot (a lot)... i’m asking, are we all in this too deep to think it was the wrong path? (Perhaps there is a sand bar up ahead.) i am forever trying to redefine my path + concentrate.

When trying narrowing + deepening of a vision i end up w/ a wider swath, bumping into the side walls for lack of focus.

Rest on that.


Very random thoughts...

Grown up children feeling the need to earn what the world means to give them.

i wish i had lived in the ‘20s. 
Oh hell, who am i kidding, i would have been ostracized then, too.

lurch; A mental hangout. -e.g. The few members of the questioning committee were left in the lurch when the spokesman had to answer an emergency phone call from his neighbor's dog. also- A scary person.

process; -23 things to remember
2. Have the right tools or the right people. Anything done without the proper whatever-you-need is the bad timing in a black whole.
3. pick two; Fast, Cheap, or Good.
4. Be aware that absolutes are not true things, but tendencies, and roll with them.
5. Don’t suffer future pain.

Revisit Remedious Varo

This looks like an interesting, hard edged aesthetics kind of day.

i hit on a memory of a slice of conversation.
“They were having a special on eye wear so I bought three pairs for only $100 dollars.”
But you don’t wear glasses!
“I know, but it’s fun to accessorize.”

i base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch.  -Gilda Radner

We all remain at large.