Just dusting off the unfinished manuscript from the collaborative piece, with Hanzon, on the cross-training dictionary.
I’ve not posted any in a long while and thought I would break this silence with a few more of our simple revelations: (or not.)

1. Materials-alter / Method-alchemy / Inspiration-spirit.

2. There exists in everything the potential of transformation.

The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has. -Michelangelo

3. Try to know if that was the easy part or the hard part.

4. If something is not changing you are not looking close enough.

5. Muse: Learn to work this. Most successful freelancers can't afford to wait for inspiration. People in other professions work everyday whether they feel like it or not.

6. Keep the iron moving.

7. Use gravity to you own advantage.

8. In a proposal I like to always throw in something terribly wrong ... just to see if they are watching.

9. Inner-directed / Outer-directed.

10. Edentulous; Without teeth. I just really like this word.

11. Dynamic Change; Change that happens positively, immediately and, is not irreversible.

12. Great creative works are hard work and not simple. Move towards a true quiet profound excitement, and, being in this slipstream of the creative flux is indeed our element of trusting the outcome.


  1. Use gravity to your own advantage. This keeps getting trickier and tricker since everything on me seems to be moving south.

  2. #5!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

    And people wonder why I'm such a jerk when people skip 10thDoMs because they're "not feeling it."

    BULL! You wanna write for a living? THEN WRITE!


    You made my day. ;)

  3. Gravity is taking over with this body, I shall soon have to start walking on my hands.

  4. Oh!...I forgot to ask... what is a 'Cross-training dictionary, will we get to see it?

  5. Most excellent and looks like fun putting it all together!


  6. Jeff, It's true. As a 'designer' I often have to pull up my socks and get on with it, But, once in a while, we afford ourselves the spacing-off phase --- when you sit in the studio and just let it come to you.

    My funny droopy Lady friends!, I'm sure you know I mean gravity as in working from top to bottom, esp., with draping fabric.

    Julie, A cross-trained artist is one that can jump from one craft
    skill to another, knowing all the basics and can afford bastardizations. Knowing the jargon from photography, stone work, carpenter, gemologist, etc. as well as language of the fine art world...
    This dictionary is a WIP, and yes I'll post more in the process.

  7. john mayer does that song gravity...went through my head reading this...and the muse is there, just need to get a cattle prod...smiles.

  8. Inspiring thoughts. Your way of expressing them makes them entirely new and asks for each one to be re-examined. Not sure if I'm making sense here...but that is how they made me feel. Okay, they were strange but familiar which made me linger over them. Does that make more sense?

  9. I think change and creativity comes out from working first-- just sitting and waiting usually does not produce much - great post.

  10. Hi Cuz Jayne--
    I love the observation that we havta "work it", whether inspired or no...
    And hello there to long-time-bloggers, Jeffscape, and Coffee Messiah and willow!
    Peace, ya'll.

  11. Jeff sent me. I'm hooked. I'd seen you at InEx, but didn't really know who you were, if that makes sense. Every single point you made is perfect for pondering. And so I shall.