It’s like i'm … being a single mud-hen on a still lake w/ other little mud-hen friends far away in the distance. There is solitude except for the water that is reflecting everything you ever needed + wanted to do + this is a constant reminder of not doing those things + it’s all blurred by the moving sky because there are always clouds being reflected into the water interrupting these thoughts w/ scattered caprice + when it rains it’s even more obscured, making doubtful the here + now. 

Very random thought:

i have a hard time remembering words so i make them up as i go along.

Todays distractions encompassed;

- Looking for where i wanted to be buried.

- Heads touching + comparing your half of the sky, w/ my half of the sky.

- The memory of someone at an art opening saying to me:

You write like you just got out of prison.

i understood, + thanked him.

i beame very very tired + began making mistakes:

Forgetting which way a J points + spoke words sideways because i was trying to compensate for showing someone a book as i held it upside down…

i sewed my finger into the material…

i said something to a client that even i didn’t understand…

i wrote these things down now so i’ll believe they happened later.

A memory of living w/ the circus; the kids yelling from the kitchen table, i’m setting up for supper, mom, so i’m moving the tiaras! i don't think this was from this lifetime. But i’ve lived so long, or so it seems, that i may have had a chapter in a circus at some point. 

Dream of a mandatory submission:

What type of dog does not like pizza? 

The answer has to be submitted in a mathematical equation.

Sometimes i don't need to look back, as some are still in my life — frozen  in time as they always were.

Oh go(o)d, please don’t let me waste this second wind on bad poetry.