The countryside was an inferno, the Dutch were nuzzling the shores, + a suspended dagger swung loosely a meter above the king’s head as he lay down to sleep.

"Get that rabble of a cat out of this room. He stares at me while I’m asleep and messes with my dreams.”

Why he, a harmless necessary cat.

“Nevertheless. Remove him, or I’ll do it from here.”



He made decisions based on what he wanted to happen, not on reality.
He was told he wrote as though he had just gotten out of jail.  He didn’t understand why, he just believed them + figured it was a good thing.


Bear was a white guy, w/ green eyes on the red path.

20- years on, Counting Crows happened to be in the air at the shop + i remembered back to the evening of the concert. The street around Bimbo’s in SF was packed as we neared the club. Our search + the improbability of finding a parking spot had him monologging a mantra,  … she stomps out of the diner… her runs after her… she says take me home angrily… he stomps off to the car… he revved the engine… they pull out... there is still two bucks on the meter…  Inside a circus. A curious blond mop of hair eats the microphone. It had a great beat + you could dance to it. i sat rolling cigarettes poorly, but still smokeable, wondering if the show on or off the stage was best.

i tend to personify everything. Everything from lint to car engines. A bit like listening to a foreign language + pulling out what sounds like English to understand it. — Not interested in drawing it unless the subject breathes. i am no background story boarder. Another one of those, if i wake up + am it, great. However, i would not want to study for years to be it.

Too bad.
Not enough time.
Messages found written in the unfinished.

Honestly, is there any difference in a costumer and a bag lady?

Remember Jayne, do not get dead lining mixed with flat lining. -LH