Harnett-Hargrove, Harnett, Hargrove

Erase yourself – I mean, brace yourself.
Trying this:
Shoulds walk in a wide open field - where do they meet?
When do they pass on parallel paths never touching?
This type of falling is almost a complete time change.

I saw a man of two minds. He wore a hat and carried another. Two women balanced baskets on their beds. One full of branches one full of empty. Though they all walked with care and caution,  the basket head women walked with a bit more confidence. 

Again, when you are dealing with inward reality, unreality, and non-reality any muse will do to fold into the slipstream of the whatever.

I admire Bruegel's way letting the viewer discover camouflaged  themes in his work. He seems to be busy with the 'embracing the whole catastrophe' thingy. The device undercuts the importance of what he believes is important, and so, drives home the importance of what he believes. The smallest detail becomes a crashing glissando that will not be ignored. He has this perfect way of dismantling our minds, to ensure them being built up again with crisp sight and fresh response. 

Okay, yea, well — I think he's pretty cool.

The inner palette of decay...
His paintings were but the thinnest films of oils and pigments, easily scratched, easily rubbed out, easily smeared, upon wood panels so easily broken and burned. He himself but a sack of blood and bile and choler, fit to burst and leak at any time. And out in the world, evil piled upon evil, with no end in sight
-Rudy Rucker  Bruegel 

Paint what you know is there, not what you see.
- Pablo P.