Sometimes i’m sharp when waking in the morning, sometimes i cry w/ dread trying to remember who i am + whose body i’m in — what i’m suppose to do. i always come back, but the psyche gets so far out, that it takes a few to register into this world.

What i learned today:

• Don’t eat cranberries in the morning.

• It doesn't pay to pour out all of the paint at once.

• There are two reasons to keep the phone on overnight; - family may call about someone in trouble, or someone on the other side of the world is calling, in which case you need to answer because it’s convenient for them.


Somewhere in Atlanta. Here's an example of hotel art that looks a though the photographer jumped out of the window to take the shot:


When staying in the tiny cliff trapped town of Tris Ekklises there were three women that intrigued me so very much. i’ve begun picturing them into illustrative paintings - here is the beginning draws over three grounds on 300# paper. Only a mere. 

Three stars flared + died in daylight

my shaded prying eyes so very curious

as they wiled at tris ekklises

floating on the water 

like three amused buoys

with hats + not much else

they whispered greek + cackled

sisters that met daily 

those infamous triplets

landladies of the beach that knew them so very well

shaking w/ laughter dabbling in the Aegean

with the might of a million years 

repository of the human knack

the surf revealed them as human

wading up onto the detritus shore

+ each pulled damp fabric cocoons 

over a worn satiable body

sentient breathing animations

but who am i to say

perhaps a disguise fooled by some

to me still

they were three graces

just hanging out