Harnett-Hargrove, Harnett, Hargrove

Yay, for Non-Descript Robes Gender Neutral Color Bland.

A teacher in yoga-wear crashes the party in my dream. Gaining everyones attention, he begins to show us dance steps.

Soon, he becomes exasperated and angry, Don't you know this by now?

You haven't taught us this, so don't expect us to be off-book.

Then i realize he doesn't belong, and i told him so.
You are in the wrong dream, go down stairs + see if you belong there.

Angle primary. Costumer thinking single directive.
Walking down the street i cant help my mind. It just goes there. Lengthen for X-long sleeve there — hem up a half inch — long waisted / adjust pattern — tilt hat froward.

Settle everything by throwing it all away.  -Alan Watts

While dangling from a glacier, mapping her way up in to the clouds, she dropped a treasured trinket into the void of chasm. Her mind calmed, she would always know where it would be.

Rest on that.