Finding a logic that feels like trust.

N. Gaiman walks in + has a sit. After thinking for a bit he councils me.
You can’t do sentimental, and you definitely can’t do horror. So don't reinvent the wheel; do your drawing-words gimmick.

Literary devices, or, when projects list themselves;
• Non-sequitur - write a story of a man flip booking through a encyclopedia or switching the screen from channel to channel at jiffy speed.  
• Build a trilogy that goes together kicking + screaming.
• Arrange for someone to be in the next room trying to get all the attention. My attention.

Random thoughts are misgivings.
Did you hear?
It all seems miles away.  

Life changes fast. Life changes fast.  Life changes fast. 

When it comes to date + time, close enough if often okay with me.

Sometimes, i do not think people need tattoos on their faces. A face is busy enough w/ what’s already going on. Sometimes i do.

i’m hoping to have focus + something planned by the time the sugar spikes.


It becomes harder + harder to speak without a pencil + paper in hand.

Un-pragmatic + non-linear. i do that real well.
So, how far have i ever been able to throw myself?

i feel the pull of retreat, every time, this time of year. Not that i’ve been much out + about - but more or less. The shorter days call me indoors - to have longer sits + write meandering sentences with bigger words. 

… i’ve done a lot of installation work. i’ve been inspired by the work of great sculptors + their huge crafty ingenious works … then mentally backing up, remembering … i’m wanting to make something nice + smooth w/ the smell of ink. i’m hankering to make an object i can pick up easily + read w/out getting splinters. The dream is to simply allow myself to call up a moment, sit down at the same time everyday w/ a beautiful blank book. W/out hesitation i will draw an inspiration + write something profound. Too often i’m writing while driving, scraping into the dust, or drawing hits w/ only a bad pen on a ripped receipt.

i echo here...

Art is an elaborate dance around something that can’t be made. 

+ the audible muffled boom echos the ring of smoke ballooning up form the bottom of the cartoon canyon.