What are we suppose to steal? 
+ what to give freely.

Such a nice Costa Rican memory. Thumbing for rides, + the kindness of being picked up. He-hawing + pitching along the road in the back of old trucks w/ the work men. Paying them back by impressing quick pencil portraits. Caricatures nearly. Parlor tricks really.

Dissociative fugue - imbued w/ inspiration. i remain an unreliable narrator.

Paying in cryptomnesia arrears. W/ me, cryptomnesia wins most of the time. But i may have figured that before now. + i have probably said it before now. + even before that.

Many have said in many different ways that repeating something over + over again, + expecting different results is a sign of madness.

i’m looking for the poetry in that…

Where DOES this shit come from?

don't mind rocking the boat. Don't mind constant change + unexpected spinning backward + love nothing more than to adapt. i know i’m dizzy just now. Tattoo reminder that we’re all in this human condition thingy together. Some things we really +honestly cannot take personally.

no pressure…

Last week i was in miami till tomorrow. 
Squirreling around. 

But, you know, i live in a dream world.