Sometimes i’m sharp when wake in the morning,  sometimes i cry with dread trying to remember who i am + whose body i’m in — what i’m suppose to do. I always come back, but the psyche gets so far out, that it takes a few to register into this world.

What i learned today:

Don’t eat cranberries in the morning.

It doesn't pay to pour out all of the paint at once.

There are two reasons to keep the phone on overnight - family may call about someone in trouble; someone on the other side of the world is calling, in which case i need to answer because it’s convenient for them.


Here is an example of hotel art that looks a though the photographer jumped out of the window to take the shot.


When staying in the tiny cliff trapped town of Tris Ekklises there were three women that intrigued me so very much. I’ve begun picturing them into illustrative paintings - here is the beginning draws over three grounds on 300# paper. Only a mere. Will catch up soon.

Three stars flared + died in daylight

my shaded prying eyes so very curious

as they wiled at tris ekklises

floating on the water 

like three amused bouys

with hats + not much else

they whispered greek + cackled

sisters that met daily 

those infamous triplets

landladies of the beach that knew them so very well

shaking w/ laughter dabbling in the Aegean

with the might of a million years 

repository of the human nack

the surf revealed them as human

wading up onto the detritus shore

+ each pulled damp fabric cocoons 

over a worn satiable body

sentient breathing animations

but who am i to say

perhaps a disguise fooled by some

to me still

they were three graces

just hanging out


Odd, i’m thinking I never feel totally completely awake in the winter.

6pm winter is not 6pm summer. Summer at 6 you’re thinking ah - 4 more hours of daylight.

I can feel winters work coming to an end. 

The internal begins to move outwards, more and more.

Doing good work, on a plateau. But working towards an ascension piece. It’s fairly obvious. A push through piece. And then another plateau. I can always point to those works in retrospect. The art has a deep resonance. They wipe me out … but i always seem to be chasing that high - ever since I felt it. It’s times like these that I rely on imagination, more than intelligence. 

My greatest relationships have been with artists. Working collaborations. Collaborating. That’s always been my true quite profound excitement.

I do love the idea that artwork comes from a deeper place than personality. If there’s a line up of people and a line of art - who could match them up?



I have figured a few things out. Thanks for all the clues.

Random thoughts: 

The skin of the place that separates is very thin. 

New / Like-New; In the theater world when a contemporary garment is built the best compliment you can receive is that it looks store-bought-new. A warm hat and great-coat may be seen for 15 seconds in the dark. As the tenor dashes onto the stage and into the aria throwing off the winter garments - the stage lights glow on and the prize for 30 hours of studio work is seen in a pile on the couch.

Still: i am humbled and amazed at the energy that flows through and what is created by hand.

Tip your hat with a knowing of an outcome already done — if you're asking, this implies it does not exist. 

In standing still one can be in fashion every - 12 years? - or so, without ever having to change.

When anger leaves what has been fueling you that is when honest reckoning begins.

Honest Reckoning - unlike absolute change - is not always dynamic immediate and unchangeable. 

"I couldn't believe it to be" - I like that immensely.

I was just wondering if - when a rabbit gets out of its coop she’s thinking she’s leaving the free world and getting into a cage. 

And remembering when i was a kid, i thought small talk meant you use short words.

One more - just when I thought I was down so low —  the soundtrack at the A&P spills out Jackson Browne. Possibly the original emo.

Still thinking … but that's the wonder of the thinking.

-images and details from the shard corpus.