Odd, i’m thinking i never feel totally completely awake in the winter.

6pm winter is not 6pm summer. Summer at 6pm i'm thinking ah - 4 more hours of daylight.

i can feel winters work coming to an end. 

The internal begins to move outwards, more + more.

Doing good work, on a plateau. But working towards an ascension piece. It’s fairly obvious. A push through piece. + then another plateau. i can always point to those works in retrospect. The art has a deep resonance. They wipe me out … but i always seem to be chasing that high - ever since i first felt it. It’s times like these that i rely on imagination, more than intelligence. 

My greatest relationships have been with artists. Working collaborations. Ensemble work. That has always been my true quite profound excitement.

i do love the idea that artwork comes from a deeper place than personality. If there’s a line up of people + a line up of art - who could match them?

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  1. Danke für die Fähigkeit, den Lesern praktische Ratschläge und Lösungen für ihre Probleme zu geben. Hör nicht auf zu bloggen ❤️️