I have figured a few things out. Thanks for all the clues.

Random thoughts: 

The skin of the place that separates is very thin. 

New / Like-New; In the theater world when a contemporary garment is built the best compliment you can receive is that it looks store-bought-new. A warm hat and great-coat may be seen for 15 seconds in the dark. As the tenor dashes onto the stage and into the aria throwing off the winter garments - the stage lights glow on and the prize for 30 hours of studio work is seen in a pile on the couch.

Still: i am humbled and amazed at the energy that flows through and what is created by hand.

Tip your hat with a knowing of an outcome already done — if you're asking, this implies it does not exist. 

In standing still one can be in fashion every - 12 years? - or so, without ever having to change.

When anger leaves what has been fueling you that is when honest reckoning begins.

Honest Reckoning - unlike absolute change - is not always dynamic immediate and unchangeable. 

"I couldn't believe it to be" - I like that immensely.

I was just wondering if - when a rabbit gets out of its coop she’s thinking she’s leaving the free world and getting into a cage. 

And remembering when i was a kid, i thought small talk meant you use short words.

One more - just when I thought I was down so low —  the soundtrack at the A&P spills out Jackson Browne. Possibly the original emo.

Still thinking … but that's the wonder of the thinking.

-images and details from the shard corpus.

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