Every night I lie awake long enough to make a mental list of everything I absolutely need to do before I die and every morning upon awaking I cannot remember one damn thing. I have to think really hard on what day it is + what is expected of me. Sometimes I ask out loud to shake up an answer, + sometimes someone hears me + supplies the answer. 

It’s comes to this… 

Standing at the kitchen table with three jars open working up eats  - and it takes a few to figure out which lid goes on which jar. I. Actually. Must. Think. About. it. 

Extra dream pages are crammed into the corners of my mind. This thinking spirals me into connections + unable to back out. At some point I simply say that has to be it - not following the thread road any longer. There will always be another project and another day. Until there isn’t.

That’s me on the left.


 Entr'acte / the Meta


How much do you actually need on a day today basis?  Bravery, I mean. The question is laid bare for all to hear, with the possibility of anyone to answer. 

Seeing a spider up close is scary, I don’t care who you are. And they say you ingest 20 spiders in a lifetime. Imagine those creatures giving up their tiny lives so we can have such an alarming quota.

The question is - How Does One Dissect an Imaginary Creature?

The answer is - You write about it in a book.

Which reminds me to always keep a lie at the ready in case anyone doesn't believe the truth.

Which reminds me  —  can diversity that makes a nation great simultaneously destroy it from the inside?

And — is it composer or composure?

Reality is nothing but a collective hunch. -Lily Tomlin

I’m stepping away from reality a bit by a bit but what I want is more reality.

I’m now Icing the kicker by calling a halt to the scenario. 



Sleep too long and what do you get? Weird dreams.

The subconscious, can work on a problem for only so long before going baroque. 

Mythical creatures escaping boundaries. Spinning. Black parrot repeating himself like a loose canon. Spinning. We build the dreams we imagine. Spinning. Ideas like locust, too much too many — 

sometimes being all scare and no substance, like a long shadow and no one is there.

That which you mistake for madness is but an over-acuteness of the senses.  -Edgar Allan Poe

Take chances, there may not be a promised land. 



Merlin built Stonehenge, they say. Just because we believe, doesn't mean it was true. 

It is hard to know, sometimes, which response is a relief.

The teakettle in space thingie was written in the faraway 1940’s. Yes indeed, Bertrand, there is a teakettle floating out here somewhere. The news of the discovery has been reported by multiple news outlets including Daily Mail, Atlas Obscura, and many more. 

The question of how the mind finds knowledge is vast, and it is one I am an authorized to speak on. - Drew

I’ll ad to that -  Sometimes things don’t work out, but it was a fun when it was still an idea.



No, leads me to the question on planetariums  - no hellhounds belong in museums not in huge domes where that god voice comes out of nowhere. Usurping all with cease and desist.

It took a few to get that word right: I began in this way;


Resend and desend 

Disease and insist. 

Coinfab + confer 

repeat + consist

then everything fell into a hole and began to mix into 

Cease and Desist

The moment is over as if it had never happened. 

It’s dark up here: dark and cold at the rim of where all futures have cease to be imaginable.

But I was going to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters.  -Luke Skywalker

And now, I can end with - 

If we are all star stuff anyway is a vacation really necessary?