Every night I lie awake long enough to make a mental list of everything I absolutely need to do before I die and every morning upon awaking I cannot remember one damn thing. I have to think really hard on what day it is + what is expected of me. Sometimes I ask out loud to shake up an answer, + sometimes someone hears me + supplies the answer. 

It’s comes to this… 

Standing at the kitchen table with three jars open working up eats  - and it takes a few to figure out which lid goes on which jar. I. Actually. Must. Think. About. it. 

Extra dream pages are crammed into the corners of my mind. This thinking spirals me into connections + unable to back out. At some point I simply say that has to be it - not following the thread road any longer. There will always be another project and another day. Until there isn’t.

That’s me on the left.