The inevitable change that burns up the present moment.

i like to say + even believe, the dadaist had way too much time on their hands. They seem to have been the  original extra. Every seven years or so i decide to channel that crew + dream that i can create collage,  —  + i am dreaming — + once again i learn that i do not like the process of cut + paste. i say, my results are awkward + contrived + sophomoric. Though in my earlier life i may have rejoiced in awkward + contrived - it being a style of its own - i now cringe at the result. i hurriedly sand it into oblivion or tuck the project away to hide it from myself. + like a cat, go about my business as though nothing extraordinary had happened. 

This is a good sentence to end. It was penned by Drew, from a character study. 

i am hoping to quote it correctly. + promising to ask if the inclusion is okay.

It was times like these that she enjoyed the enlightenment others look for their entire lives.

Harnett-Hargrove / Sketchbook # 53