A moment of  no-truth. 

Overhearing someone editing a photo on a device … Can you imagine? In the ‘70s -  when you just had to take a good shot?

… and in a fabric store hearing someone talking excitedly about a project. It’s nice to hear someone genuinely thrilled to be sewing.

Life travels along side us and is usually pushing or pulling. The least we can do is stride along - isn't that enough?

I sent a text message that did not get my drift and returned spelling option over again and again. I think this is a common plight of folks that can’t get anywhere near the spelling of a word they want to use. I do not like the solution - to only use words you can spell even though it abbreviates your vocabulary. 

exploring exploiting exploding

Splintered dreaming of a library art session. I get there + kb has already started his genius piece from a broken broom + folded trash he found in the street on his way to class. There is an old friend from Germany. I admire the arch that they had just recently reworked - but, is nothing good enough as it is? 

Lucid dreaming of appreciating something simply as is. 

Thinking of not rethinking schemes to redesign bitterness. 

Does this make sense read slowly?

Below: Grounds waiting to become grown up paintings.




Harnett-Hargrove, Harnett, Hargrove

I remember where; I was living in Maine, involved with building a co-housing artist community. And so, I must remember when. The mid ‘80s. I was going through an expressionistic phase and putting auras in drawings. Cartoonish, to be sure. But the work was dead serious. I remembered these - but only found bad detail images of the works on paper. After Koudelka’s captivating photography. It is interesting to figure what was going on when past moments were recorded in your life — as  art is a recording of your life.

I heard today via internet that Danny Kaye is only remembered by his aging audience - something profoundly sad about that, if it is true.

Write about it again … you’re not done with it. 


Of literary devices never used.

Nightmare projects listing themselves.

Non-sequitur - write a story of a man flip booking through an encyclopedia or switching the tv from channel to channel.  

A trilogy that goes together kicking and screaming.

Someone in the next room trying to get all the attention. 

My attention. 

Did you hear?

It all seems miles away.