A moment of  no-truth. 

Overhearing someone editing a photo on a device … Can you imagine? In the ‘70s -  when you just had to take a good shot?

… and in a fabric store hearing someone talking excitedly about a project. It’s nice to hear someone genuinely thrilled to be sewing.

Life travels along side us and is usually pushing or pulling. The least we can do is stride along - isn't that enough?

I sent a text message that did not get my drift and returned spelling option over again and again. I think this is a common plight of folks that can’t get anywhere near the spelling of a word they want to use. I do not like the solution - to only use words you can spell even though it abbreviates your vocabulary. 

exploring exploiting exploding

Splintered dreaming of a library art session. I get there + kb has already started his genius piece from a broken broom + folded trash he found in the street on his way to class. There is an old friend from Germany. I admire the arch that they had just recently reworked - but, is nothing good enough as it is? 

Lucid dreaming of appreciating something simply as is. 

Thinking of not rethinking schemes to redesign bitterness. 

Does this make sense read slowly?

Below: Grounds waiting to become grown up paintings.



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  1. “….grounds waiting to become grown-up paintings.” That’s genius. The personification, the wit.