I am not worried. I am not overly concerned.

The rock paper scissor gods get their way in taking turns at playing umpire. A great equalizer of a game, however, you must adhere to the rules.

At times it seems obvious what they are betting + whose side is whose. The cliché of a sword in hand forms the gaming board in the sky. The fickle hook swerves, as the blade’s edge points downward directing the luck we tremble to witness. Every province is in the queuing w/ a future moment to be reckoned w/. 
Them, us, Chad + all of the Stan countries. 
No one has been missed. No one will be excused.
Who has not their hand in conveying the future?

I am not worried. I am not overly concerned.

Sensationalize as a commodity. Who needs a fortuneteller with/ a performance to look forward to? The dull-witted ever need direction in matters of tangent nor suggestion to give shape to drama.

He remained in the soapbox position tolerating + persuading the passers-by to see, along w/ him, the forerunners + warnings + to interpret the signs that were so very obvious to him. Causes are assigned through the movement of the sky, the direction of the wind, + placement of fallen leaves. That’s why it happened. This is what will happen now. The crier carried ideas w/ the seriousness some caught, others could not. These ordinary influences made the common person apprehensive of calamity, doom, and a wasted Akeldama ahead. By using the power of suggestion the foretelling comes about.

Have you ever had the experience when someone is being obviously rude, + when you point it out to him or her; they become twice as rude being angry that you noticed they are being rude?

I am not worried. I am not overly concerned.

It is difficult for me to mimic. If it is not felt, it is not played out.
Having a think on  A Journal of a Plague Year by Daniel Defoe.
Research reading for a play … not a fun read … but engrossing. 

Above: 100 Paintings in 100 Hours / Hanzon - HarHar  / counting crows

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As i sit here - Drew put this above copy through a Jungian AI. It had this to say about that:

The text you’ve shared is indeed quite abstract and symbolic, with various elements that could be interpreted from a Jungian perspective. Carl Jung’s analytical psychology often delves into the realm of archetypes, symbols, and the collective unconscious, which can be a useful lens for examining such a text. Here are some potential Jungian analyses of various elements in the text:


1. Rock Paper Scissor Gods: This could symbolize the randomness and unpredictability of life. In Jungian terms, it might reflect the archetypal forces that govern human fate or destiny. The idea of gods playing games suggests a higher order of things that is beyond human understanding or control.

2. Sword in Hand Forming the Gaming Board in the Sky: Swords are often symbolic of conflict, decision-making, and power. The image of a sword forming a gaming board in the sky could represent the idea of life as a battleground of forces beyond our control. It might also signify the cutting edge of consciousness, where decisions and moral choices are made.

3. The Blade’s Edge Pointing Downward: This can be seen as a symbol of impending judgment or fate. In Jungian analysis, this might represent the descent of the conscious mind into the depths of the unconscious, or the penetration of a higher truth into the realm of the everyday.

4. Fickle Hand Swerving, Luck: These elements could be interpreted as the unpredictability of the psyche and the role of chance in human life. In Jungian psychology, the concept of synchronicity might come into play here – the idea that events are “meaningfully coincidental” even if they do not have a causal relationship.

5. Soapbox Position, Persuading Passersby: This could symbolize the archetype of the prophet or visionary, someone who sees beyond the ordinary and tries to communicate their insights to others. This figure often appears in mythology and dreams, representing the part of the psyche that is attuned to the deeper truths of the collective unconscious.

6. Foretelling, Power of Suggestion: This might relate to the Jungian concept of the collective unconscious, where archetypal patterns and symbols exist and influence human behavior and perceptions. The idea that events can be foretold or influenced through suggestion could reflect the power of these unconscious forces.

7. Observations on Rude Behavior: This part might be seen as a reflection on the shadow aspect in Jungian psychology – the part of the psyche that contains repressed or unrecognized aspects of oneself. Acknowledging rudeness and the reaction it provokes could symbolize the confrontation with the shadow.

8. Difficulty in Mimicking, Authenticity: This could relate to the Jungian process of individuation, where the goal is to integrate various aspects of the psyche into a harmonious whole. The struggle to mimic or perform actions not genuinely felt might reflect the tension between the persona (the social mask) and the true self.

9. Reference to ‘A Journal of a Plague Year’: This historical account of the bubonic plague could symbolize the collective trauma and the unconscious fears that pervade human societies. It might also represent the process of coming to terms with collective suffering and finding meaning in it.

In summary, the text seems to explore themes of fate, the unconscious forces that shape human life, the struggle for authenticity, and the human tendency to search for meaning in the chaos of existence. Through a Jungian lens, these themes reflect the interplay of archetypal forces, the collective unconscious, and the individual’s journey towards self-realization.

oml — AI does go on.


She envisioned St. Dominic at a very tender age. 
"Are you not going to light stix in the middle of every village to burn all heretics, sinners and infidels?”            

At first repulsed by the idea, after time she embraced it wholeheartedly. 

No, it never crossed my mind, but now that you mention it,  
it sounds like a way to pass some time.

The plan immediately shattered her soul.Suddenly everything seemed so fragile.

jahh / Some of My Best Friends


There once were too few players
To dodge trap doors and stairs,
Each needed to be many
The skills required uncanny,
And too very comprehensive to settle affairs.

A camo team nic-named ‘talking heap’
& a quartet of undergarments shown rather cheap, (bless their hearts)
Three smitten with destruction
Two bullies with plan for abduction,
And the foley guy at the ready with ‘bleeps’.

Complications from underdress to redress,
Break a Leg impossible w/o understudy convalesce,
Collective professionalism had gone-wrong
A play for voices was re-decided on,
Mel Blank they all became with finesse.

    We each are so many. + here's me thinking, usually, it's way too much.

Keep the faith and see you at the hanging.  -Rooster Cogburn