There once were too few players
To dodge trap doors and stairs,
Each needed to be many
The skills required uncanny,
And so very comprehensive to settle affairs.

A camo team nic-named ‘talking heap’
& a quartet of undergarments shown rather cheap, (bless their hearts)
Three smitten with destruction
Two bullies with plan for abduction,
And the foley guy at the ready with ‘bleeps’.

Complications from underdress to redress,
Break a Leg impossible w/o understudy convalesce,
Collective professionalism had gone-wrong
A play for voices was re-decided on,
Mel Blank they all became with finesse.

    We each are so many.    ---    I'm thinking, usually, it's way too much.

Keep the faith and see you at the hanging.      -Rooster Cogburn


  1. Foley guy? Did I tell you that?

  2. this has great flow...bless their hearts, snort...

  3. Makes me think of "backstage on the M.A.S.H. set.

  4. thas deep as any ocean...
    love the blue nekid ladies

  5. Love the art. Clever take on the Muse.

  6. I really like your style. Made me see the see opening sequences of Phantom (movie verison) and Chicago (Catherine Zeta Jones version) as I read it.

  7. Rereading this for the vote, it played more subtext than first time around. Interesting.

    And, yes, often too many, too much.