Harnett-Hargrove, Harnett, Hargrove

Pie? Who cares about pie, when there is Russia? -DV

Burrowing into what matters. Or, what I learned today.

• Not much gets accomplished at 3am when you’ve already been awake for 72 hours.

• A tiny brush holds very little  paint.

• Bad things happen when you are trying to be very, very quiet.

• Making pancakes is much easier than how I make it look.

We were oowing & ahhhing over an acquaintance’s book of poetry that had been begrudgingly lent and was now being carefully handled. KB set it down on the papered work table near our 8th floor open window. In one very foolish elbow move, by me, it disappeared. There was a cursing of bad luck in twain. In our mournful anguish we looked out the window expecting to see the book free falling eight stories with the binding bowed and pages stretching wide, liberating themselves, fluttering as to say I’m ‘this’ free. Down, down  to the pavement and crushed underfoot by a New Yorker who was sipping hot expresso making a guest list as he hurried to secure a newspaper and check into the weather for this weekends family holiday on his home out in Montauk ... We focused nearer and saw that the volume had landed in the plastic flower pot in the window apartment just below us, 7D. Being less petrified by whomever lived there, than what would  happen to us if we reported the lost book, (Yes, stolen!) we ran down and stood there, before the door, listening intently to the quiet and what lie beyond thinking; who would have a plastic flower pot in Union Square?

• Oh yea, and, setting something on the floor so it wont spill — is not always a good idea.