A moment of  no-truth. 

Overhearing someone editing photo on a device … Can you imagine? In the ‘70s -  when you just had to take a good shot?

… and in a fabric store hearing someone talking excitedly about a project. It’s nice to hear someone genuinely thrilled to be sewing.

Life travels along side us and is usually pushing or pulling. The least we can do is stride along - isn't that enough?

I sent a text message that did not get my drift and returned spelling option over again and again. I think this is a common plight of folks that can’t get anywhere near the spelling of a word they want to use. I do not like the solution - only use words you can spell even though it abbreviates your vocabulary. 

exploring exploiting exploding

Splintered dreaming of a library art session. I get there + kb has already started his genius piece from a broken broom + folded trash he found in the street on his way to class. There is an old friend from Germany. I admire the arch that they had just recently reworked - is nothing good enough as it is? 

Lucid dreaming of appreciating something simply as is. 

Thinking of not rethinking schemes to redesign bitterness. 

Does this make sense read slowly?

Below; Grounds waiting to become grown up paintings.




Harnett-Hargrove, Harnett, Hargrove

I remember where; I was living in Maine, involved with building a co-housing artist community. And so, I must remember when. The early ‘80s. I  was going through an expressionistic phase and putting auras in drawings. Cartoonish, to be sure. But the work was dead serious. I remembered these - but only found bad detail images of the works on paper. After Koudelka’s impressive photography. It is interesting to figure what was going on when past moments were recorded in your life — as  art is a recording of your life.

I heard today via internet that Danny Kaye is only remembered by his aging audience - something profoundly sad about that, if it is true.

Write about it again … you’re not done with it. 


Of literary devices never used.

Nightmare projects listing themselves.

Non-sequitur - write a story of a man flip booking through an encyclopedia or switching the tv from channel to channel.  

A trilogy that goes together kicking and screaming.

Someone in the next room trying to get all the attention. 

My attention. 

Did you hear?

It all seems miles away.  


An invitation ....
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-suport / mutual appreciation / reciprocation


 Settled in - but not settling. Winter work contracting —  coming out in spring gets harder and harder each year … and one day it will be unthinkable. I just won’t come back. 

I wrote this weeks post over at Patreon. Giving the jump below. I like to write different posts on different sites. Something about setting…

In any case, roll over there if you want to see a middle and an end. 


An example of heavyhanded lightheartedness.
Other examples - over there. 
Harnett-Hargrove / Flowers with Emerson


watched a concert night before before last. It was a great concert. The Utopia band members joined Todd + it was a nice mix of music. It is interesting to hear watershed work. Where there is so much work to pull from it seems overwhelming — the possibilities to pick + choose + rework what you did not get right the first time, what remains relevant + what changing one word will make relevant.

A valuable attribute. 

Ah yes! It is bravery when risk is recognized. 

Risk... fear.... whatever it is...  A reminder to face it, acknowledge it, + move forward.

The Hanzon Studio studio has used the term Ready-Fire-Aim literally + figuratively over the years. It was placed high up a few decades ago —  one would involuntarily bow to pass under it. In layman’s terms it proclaimed the ability to start before you are altogether ready in order to initiate a beginning. 

I am thinking that it is nice not sit with nerves any longer. Nervous  may be in fashion from time to time. It sounded amazing to me years ago, but if you don’t give it too much attention, this nervous thing eventually goes away. Now I wait for that sickly feeling of dread. But the ‘worry’ never comes. I am not jaded, just at ease. What remains is the slow burn of excitement.

Harnett-Hargrove / Sketchbook cover


I’m guessing most humans get side tracked by trying to decipher older notes and scribbles meant to be meaningful additions to their personal repertoire. 

Random thoughts are very clear.

Expanding knowledge from a cereal box - every morning it’s the next biggest thing.

A lampshade has been put on the dancer this time and the Marley floor has been washed with soda as to warn the audience with tac-tacking steps. Keeping the butts awake in case they do not see the long shadows cast from their own seats.

Itchy trigger fingers not waiting for a queue — aiming only to be noticed.  Not a very good reason to fire.

The evolution of the calendar. What type of personality wakes up in the morning with the thought of changing a calendar - what some people do in the name of science others do just for kicks.

Daylight dispels the phantoms of the night. But in these dark hours are we a generation of dreamers? Or, were we born to a  generation of dreamers.

Walking a desolate shore high on a dune. Presently kiosks appears scattered about near the water — creating ritual opportunities. I can see a few tiny folks decorating with bleached paper monarchs they take from bamboo cages.

Others catch up to me and I become a group, then, the converging crowd overtakes me, walking faster toward the origami monarchs as the delicate wings come to life down near the shore  ... The butterflies and ceremony at the waters edge have been supplanted with the masses and my friends presently have woven deep within the sandy mob. 

I can almost keep up, but am relishing the view from afar.

Harnett-Hargrove / Metta Illuminated

Harnett-Hargrove / Metta Illuminated

Harnett-Hargrove / Metta Illuminated


is easier when you want things that already exist.

Idea: Within the normal limits.

Fall moves in to set up shop quietly

it slips in while I ignore the thermostat

as the
last of the zinnias 

negotiate + test the air for safety 

+ again are fooled into a final hurrah 


other seasons’ rehearsing

are snuffed out by autumn anger 

shaking off muddy leaves

+ dirt debris of late summer

its revenge


on cool eves

then looking around satisfied  

that gardens have been put to bed

or not


settles up

to settle down 

into a facade

of clammy cold

till the moment retires 

under tranquil 





For me, organizing thoughts on paper is somewhat of a time waster.

Are memes simply reactions? What’s wrong with that word? Does each lie one side or the other in meaning? I feel like Gilda’s Emily reporting on news she misunderstands … nevermind.

And another thing. When people say Meta, I think they are referring to Metta. So this Meta - how can you NOT be self aware? 

Which leads me to this idea; Could Jackson Browne have been the original Emo?

Kneecapus jerkum lirberaile.

The puzzllerum piece was neveum missuming buttus goaum toic usit ot withoutuc excusiumics youous nowithave twoicum. Writ lotteries requinsic tos loam hepit madders soomopic clenliness es tom eatum isys ona platters. Ic ous it au um. 

Experimenting with piggish prose latin. Upon writing and leaving it for a minute, I’ve no remembrance as to the push. So will leave it to others' imagination.

The wave of easy rider songs are in my head crammed into every turn. The sound track playing like a documentary racing through my thoughts.

Bloody ripper of an idea;

No matter the why or whose doing it, sometimes all you can do is pray. 

Not with words, bit with actions.


 The inevitable change that burns up the present moment.

I like to say + even believe the dadaist had way too much time on their hands. They seem to have been the  original extras. Every seven years or so I decide to channel that crew + dream that I can create collage,  —  I am dreaming —- + once again I learn that I do not like the process of cut and paste. My results are awkward and contrived. Though in my earlier life I may have rejoiced in awkward and contrived - it being a style of its own - I now cringe at the result. I hurriedly sand it into oblivian or tuck the project away to hide it from myself - and like a cat - go about my business as though nothing extraordinary had happened. 

This is a good sentence to end. It was penned by Drew, from a character study. 

I am hoping to quote it correctly. And, promising to ask if the inclusion is okay…

It was times like these that she enjoyed the enlightenment others look for their entire lives.

Harnett-Hargrove / Sketchbook # 53




 Be aware when there is a wolf in the next room and headed this way.

Dreaming of an arrow –  with a history it would be an artifact. Has it been used? Looking for clues as to whether it has been used. Imagining I see clues to if it has been used. Lucid dream of imagining brings me out of the dream world and plunks me in this.

Tsukumogami is a somewhat precise word describing an object that has been around long enough to develop a soul. Inanimate becoming sentient. Is this why some of us are drawn to items with a history of use? They are on their way to sentientness. Just a few more hundred years or so — how impossibly long could it take?



Every night I lie awake long enough to make a mental list of everything I absolutely need to do before I die and every morning upon awaking I cannot remember one damn thing. I have to think really hard on what day it is + what is expected of me. Sometimes I ask out loud to shake up an answer, + sometimes someone hears me + supplies the answer. 

It’s comes to this… 

Standing at the kitchen table with three jars open working up eats  - and it takes a few to figure out which lid goes on which jar. I. Actually. Must. Think. About. it. 

Extra dream pages are crammed into the corners of my mind. This thinking spirals me into connections + unable to back out. At some point I simply say that has to be it - not following the thread road any longer. There will always be another project and another day. Until there isn’t.

That’s me on the left.


 Entr'acte / the Meta


How much do you actually need on a day today basis?  Bravery, I mean. The question is laid bare for all to hear, with the possibility of anyone to answer. 

Seeing a spider up close is scary, I don’t care who you are. And they say you ingest 20 spiders in a lifetime. Imagine those creatures giving up their tiny lives so we can have such an alarming quota.

The question is - How Does One Dissect an Imaginary Creature?

The answer is - You write about it in a book.

Which reminds me to always keep a lie at the ready in case anyone doesn't believe the truth.

Which reminds me  —  can diversity that makes a nation great simultaneously destroy it from the inside?

And — is it composer or composure?

Reality is nothing but a collective hunch. -Lily Tomlin

I’m stepping away from reality a bit by a bit but what I want is more reality.

I’m now Icing the kicker by calling a halt to the scenario. 



Sleep too long and what do you get? Weird dreams.

The subconscious, can work on a problem for only so long before going baroque. 

Mythical creatures escaping boundaries. Spinning. Black parrot repeating himself like a loose canon. Spinning. We build the dreams we imagine. Spinning. Ideas like locust, too much too many — 

sometimes being all scare and no substance, like a long shadow and no one is there.

That which you mistake for madness is but an over-acuteness of the senses.  -Edgar Allan Poe

Take chances, there may not be a promised land. 



Merlin built Stonehenge, they say. Just because we believe, doesn't mean it was true. 

It is hard to know, sometimes, which response is a relief.

The teakettle in space thingie was written in the faraway 1940’s. Yes indeed, Bertrand, there is a teakettle floating out here somewhere. The news of the discovery has been reported by multiple news outlets including Daily Mail, Atlas Obscura, and many more. 

The question of how the mind finds knowledge is vast, and it is one I am an authorized to speak on. - Drew

I’ll ad to that -  Sometimes things don’t work out, but it was a fun when it was still an idea.



No, leads me to the question on planetariums  - no hellhounds belong in museums not in huge domes where that god voice comes out of nowhere. Usurping all with cease and desist.

It took a few to get that word right: I began in this way;


Resend and desend 

Disease and insist. 

Coinfab + confer 

repeat + consist

then everything fell into a hole and began to mix into 

Cease and Desist

The moment is over as if it had never happened. 

It’s dark up here: dark and cold at the rim of where all futures have cease to be imaginable.

But I was going to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters.  -Luke Skywalker

And now, I can end with - 

If we are all star stuff anyway is a vacation really necessary?