A crop rotation of odd thoughts; 

Logos + logic involved.

i unpack the strings to start the engine.

Blues leaning over to wag.

The creative thrust of a head turner + briar rose. The iconic ending of all endings.

How shall I defend the wax fortress of my love? An undiscerning gaze took in all that is simple and inconceivable and I understood life had slipped from my grasp. -from the film / the color of pomegranates

i remember the warm fuzzy of tea at an outdoor cafe in autumn, steaming into the air + mingling w/ cloud-like breaths from bodies rushing by.

Reaching for + not noticing the slip back. 

The anguish of slowing down to a stop.

Stupefied at love taking a back seat to the overwhelming work at hand.

The innocence of  playing records + falling in love in an afternoon — seeing it happen.

i wont say blind, but it’s devastatingly romantic. It’s dark + tormented w/ the furor of passion, the despair of an unattainable idealism. 

yes i’m a romanic; kill me now.

Reminded of Yeats + Spiritus Mundi. 

The collective memories of the universe of all time.

Tapping into spiritus mundi for the first time ever. 

While in kindergarten.

Rest on that.

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  1. I'm grateful for the innovative and creative approach you bring to your topics.