Spring has the allure of what’s next. Calling us outside + looking forward. Six months later, when the leaves turn their faces down + fall helplessly, there is a pulling back of energy. i notice myself going in + curling up to await the cold. Winter work is coming. i have been wading all summer in the warm sunlight, now it's time to dive deep + stay under for a while. Time to create one’s own light.

Harnett-Hargrove, Harnett, Hargrove

It is what we do - drawn by the entanglement of the scaler wave. As energetically connected we become whatever manifests itself on paper. Something manipulates the dance of letters. Images are a code to be cracked + absorbed back into life. The asemic prayer is always catching at the surface.

Whatever you fear the most, is probably your best way to go. -paraphrasing Joey C

+ so, i’ll say it again; i am fundamentally opposed to agendas. But, i love a tight deadline.

Reason dictates that it would be a waste of effort creating something that does not at least try to be special. What wasteful force would strive to create the mediocre or even to rise toward the familiar; the comfortable past? Reason dictates that the act of creation should be approached as if drawing with infinitely valuable black ink across pages of fragile skin and that every line, every word should hold equal sway, each an integral part of the whole – a molecule in the substance of the page; a page in the book of everything.”  - Garth Erickson