For me, organizing thoughts on paper is somewhat of a time waster.

Are memes simply reactions? What’s wrong with that word? Does each lie one side or the other in meaning? I feel like Gilda’s Emily reporting on news she misunderstands … nevermind.

And another thing. When people say Meta, I think they are referring to Metta. So this Meta - how can you NOT be self aware? 

Which leads me to this idea; Could Jackson Browne have been the original Emo?

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Experimenting with piggish prose latin. Upon writing and leaving it for a minute, I’ve no remembrance as to the push. So will leave it to others' imagination.

The wave of easy rider songs are in my head crammed into every turn. The sound track playing like a documentary racing through my thoughts.

Bloody ripper of an idea;

No matter the why or whose doing it, sometimes all you can do is pray. 

Not with words, bit with actions.