Way random unfinished thoughts + an unanswered questions.

No whistling backstage / the ghost lamp is burning - but i cannot see it because the sun is shining too very much.  

It’s hard to act calm when these may be the end days.

We need more of the simple people in the world. They are the saints. We need saints. Holiness does not mean good - it simply means whole. It encompasses the criminal aspect as well as compassion.

His dive into the river was never edited into the final film. It was left on the cutting room floor + lingered in the memory of the extras not mentioned in the credits.

i’m not very grounded - never been accused of it. Though, i do eat potatoes to try.

More of the above.

Where some saw a lion, Heracles saw a coat.

Lack luster contributions have no impact on the whole, nor do they work to diminish it. So, + perhaps, a moot point is made either way. True?

Having an understanding + understanding are twain fucktangent different things.

When did the postman person stop wearing a uniform?

i need to go to bed before i gain a second wind of energy.