Very random thoughts...

Grew up children feeling the need to earn what the world means to give them.

I wish I had lived in the ‘20s,. Oh hell, who am I kidding, I would have been ostracized then, too.

More from the dictionary...
lurch; A mental hangout. -e.g. The few members of the questioning committee were left in the lurch when the spokesman had to answer an emergency phone call from his neighbor's dog. also- A scary person.
process; -23 things to remember
2. Have the right tools or the right people. Anything done without the proper whatever-you-need is the bad timing in a black whole.
3. pick two; Fast, Cheap, or Good.
4. Be aware that absolutes are not true things, but tendencies, and roll with them.
5. Don’t suffer future pain.

Revisit Remedious Varo

This looks like an interesting, hard edged aesthetics kind of day.

I hit on a memory of a slice of conversation.
“They were having a special on eye wear so I bought three pairs for only $100 dollars.”
But you don’t wear glasses!
“I know, but it’s fun to accessorize.”

I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch. -Gilda Radner

We all remain at large.


  1. not itching is high on my priority list as well...at large and in charge...

  2. "Grew up children feeling the need to earn what the world means to give them."

    been looking at this a lot lately...

  3. Speaking of itching, I have the worst case of poison ivy I've had in years! totally forgot about that plant as I was trudging through the woods with my puppy dog.... now it's epsom salts calomine oh ma darlin....They don't have that in Italy, and I seem to have sat down on a patch of it, but now it has spread to my arms neck and face even the eyelids... che bella!

  4. I learned too early what th' world had to teach me...I didn't like a lot of it...

    And I thought Lurch was the butler on The Addams Family?

    "Seeing much, suffering much, and studying much, are the three pillars of learning"~Disraeli

  5. me and Gilda and I really like #'s 1. and 6 !
    and live by #5!!!

  6. Delightful collection of thoughts - should be exhibited in a cabinet of curiosities - but there again, they are.

  7. oh yeah. Well, the Lurch is a nice place to visit, but...you know the rest. Random, indeed

  8. Who be ostracizing you? Send 'em my way.

    And apparently Gilda Radner and I shop the same way.