River of Mnemosyne
10th Daughter of Memory
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 Muse 7
Well, well, well.
I would have lost that three-penny bet. Your grand escape. I will mash the reset button on this meander and now believe you work by installment.
Linear stories are tedious, why should lives hook up to parallel?
Your riff on this theme will be getting tedious soon.
Make it exciting or else.
Is ‘mob’ psych what makes folks look at something interesting and miss the obvious?
Moving on from to,

 Muse 8
 After breaking into your abandoned attic apartment I pulled aside the heavy Victorian drape to view the painting, expecting some Dorianesque nightmare to be revealed. However, it was simply an empty frame. The prize had been removed.
Animal debris was all over and about.
There, on the roll top, was a to-do list of mundane wants and needs. Some were ticked off, others scribbled over as if importance had asked priority to change its mind. The other things not left were all the books of cruelty she had never written. Noticeable because of her absence. Because of your weighty absence, too.
Whatever you find ‘there’ at the moment, and being careful what you wish for here, it becomes comical when realized it matters not where you are.
All moves forward together.
Being here is not being there, so how should I know?
Till I decide otherwise,

Muse 9
Once again, my dear, Repillee Scooter’,
Catching is like chasing a phantom, yes. Moreover, phantoms are often
self-imposed, self-promoted and self-capitalizing. This seems random.
Just don’t get your percocet and pudding mixed up. They do opposite things to the body.
A linear story rambles off my pen and changing history would mean I could change the story, and that’s not going to happen. Truth is not a new situation.
But the truth is not easily handed.
Not having found it does not make up for needing to.
I’ll be summing it all up, somewhere and I’m sticking to it.
With a nod to Dylan’s tarantula & with your leave,
I still am,
Teansie Wheeze


  1. nice. sneaking it in eh? smiles. dont work i love your writing you stole my vote already...smiles.

  2. Love it. Noticed that you didn't get the final installment in on time, but I doubt that'll affect much.

    Voting just got interesting.

  3. Wonderful post. Some sound advice from muse 1 :)

  4. A tale of unrequited love? Nicely done. I agree, I don't think it'll harm the vote that you didn't score the bonus points.

  5. glad you finished it, even a bit late.

    groovy stuff

  6. Love the epistolary style! It is one of my favorite styles. Evelina by Frances Burney. It's beautiful. Read it. You'll enjoy and fall in love with letters, as if you're not already.