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Paris is not in Italy. But it’s close. 

The dreads have made it to the door — I have to remember each time whether to keep them at bay, or embrace them fully (the whole catastrophe) to knock the scare out of me. I reckon it is different at different times in our lives. This past year, nicely, mercifully, is over. Spring will. Time passes + what has to be done will be done. We’ll also find the hell raising to get done, for that is what will sustain our artist souls. It is a little slice of immovable heaven since we’re unsure if it will be that or the other we will be facing at the end. Wow, the silence afterward work has been put to bed. Who doesn't look forward to that? Virgil had a tattoo the color of a peach pit that read  Fléctere si néqueo súperos Acheronta movebo. And if he did not believe it on his deathbed -  he had the reminder while he lived, + the devotion to wear it on his sleeve.

A real fable to try on. There was a storm overhead whipping up. I could see Orion steadying himself, trying to keep from being blown away. I ducked under a flopping wing of a torn roof seeking protection. Only half afraid, I wanted to remain outside to see the stars resistance + watch others scatter to safety. 

Hera is alive and well and living in Juno’s body. Her story has stained her. She studies by firelight and has learned to ignore her personal daimon. She does this because she can’t imagine not. If she were flesh + bone, one could see her mind peeling back to reach for an understanding of the mix - genius, legend, messiah complex. She believes things she will not talk about. All we have is an early paper photo where the slow film + long exposure created a halo of bright light around her white gown of voile. The negative is seen bleeding black. I do not know how this relates to life, or this muse, but it is simply beautiful, + its otherworldliness effect intrigues me compared to the sharp focus of realism.

Hera has left no comment on her married life. 

Ah yes! To Le Guin, where the rules change in the reaches.


  1. " I could see Orion steadying himself, trying to keep from being blown away" I love that line (especially since Orion is the only constellation I ever learned to identify)

  2. now i wish i had researched the quote before i submitted my entry. It's a beautiful concept, depending on the translation, or how it is taken in context. But then again... nah