Entr'acte / the Meta


Put two ideas or tangibles together that don’t go + see how they relate. Even the game Mixed Taste has rules, and though it can’t be considered to be in the reaches - except the reaches of one’s mind - they do change every time. Giant Tortoise + Punk Rock scene of Vivienne Westwood. Second year novices + the ’67 Rambler. The Dog Catchers of Vatican City + (you knew this was coming ) Fisherman of Switzerland. 

Our minds want a linear story + what we can’t figure, our minds are able to massage into a believable form. Our intellects + our hearts build, (knock down + rebuild!) what we think we believe. In our life’s exploration we have criss crossed the path from where we have been, back again over familiar terrain + not even recognized it. This reminds me of the resolute feeling of what jet lag is - working thorough everything needing attention at one time, + being totally, absolutely, completely ineffectual with it all at the same time. The wayward intent, though, becomes the layman’s Shunyata. This emptiness / openness permeates, + is seen as something to work through, but in the moment, you have to accept it. 

What may seem like a waste of time to some, my skin becomes thick + sharp with memories yelling Kiken, Kiken!

Sometimes what looks large from a distance, up close, ain’t never that big. -Bob Dylan

It is bravery when the risk is recognized. 


  1. Tone, theme... I get it. But they still don't feel like a cohesive whole in any significant manner.

    That stated, I still dig 'em!

  2. meandering thoughts spewing forth from random muses seems more to form than linear storytelling, if you ask me. We don't need an excuse to create, but sometimes a good stick poking helps me get there