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…And what comes before destroying oneself?

You destroy other stuff!

American things happen. Raise your hand if you’ve seen ridiculous fun called Destroy Build Destroy. Omfg — what an absolute train wreck. What an anomaly. Rough translation: Tribe of three teenage boys purge their testosterone by performing the title. Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo also asks that same eternal question. What are those boys doing in the background? Flipping each other with towels? Whoa to the Legion of Decency. Out of control + unaware of what, if anything, important is going on. Managing on the edge of chaos is an art, these boys are not anywhere in the vicinity the A word.


Where are the brick + mortar places that we played 'bohemians sit in a cafe + quietly revolt phase’ games? Gone. These guys would have destroyed them all. Some of the places have been gone for years, decades. I know intellectually that nothing lingers, + you don't need to have a physical place to exist if it is existing in your mind as a memory. But emotionally, those are memories that will follow me til I die. Weird. But there you go. You think something will be  around for ever-ever, but you’re just wrong. What can be built from the pieces? And then, destroyed again.

Perhaps this is what I’d hoped for ever since that day: the destruction and loss of everything. That’s right. Destruction comes before creation, and to that goal even my own conscience must be cast aside. -Lelouch vi Britannia / Code Geass

Better than shooting smack in a Paris hotel.


  1. Hmm...

    I like these, but the narrative thread seems disconnected between the entries.

  2. how different would humanity be if everything was made from Legos?