8 out of 9
next day in January

The dawning weather turned unseasonably cold so the pump hummed along diligently never stoping this night the rumble transforms into a biplane engine as i circle ellis island looking down on a gray landscape there is a predawn shadow shaping suspiciously into the likeness of a refrigerator the liberty woman is perched on with her incriminating left eye sealed shut + in her right hand she twirls an hour glass saying we can talk as long as what is left of sand as she flips the glass like a coin + only a moment of sand remains + it’s gone as it crashes to the rocks below oh well she says we can talk anyway what is it you came for but you must salute me three times + do six jumping jacks before she’ll answer counseling that i am motionless strapped into the cockpit she then waves a very rehearsed + overused annoyed never mind + turns to watch the sunrise.


  1. Are those four-count jumping jacks or two-count jumping jacks?

  2. how very magnanimous. Wouldn't have expected it of one so French

  3. Hahahahaha. She is rather supercilious