7 out of 9
next week in January
Nothing to report except that something in the far room is trying to get all the attention ah the refrigerator is competing with the heat pump making a horrible noise chewing the scenery with random buzzing on off on off on on off off like a morris code signal a random wanting to alarm someone w/o triggering the part of the brain that seizers + dressed up like a veteran Vizier with a black belt + black collar + just the best black costume ever for a refrigerator + begins making her way outdoors toward the heat pump + he with fists up imaging himself in my imagination to be a stumpy scrappy boxer ready for the fight lifts himself from his foundation and begins the arduous journey forward navigating into lucidity I lift my head I see a mental chalk line in the room the central spot where the two would meet + showdown but no they will bow upon meeting + waltz + I will glance away like interrupting a private moment … I awake cursing to a widening gyre of brightness dawning on my closed eyelids it was quiet too quiet like missing santa I had sleep through the dance + now all is settled for now communication is often more complicated than this.


  1. Frank Miller wrote a short B&W comic years ago. I believe it was called "Rats." This so reminds me of that and I'm not sure why. I'm going to have to look that one up again, I think.

  2. Really? FM wrote a book called RATS? I'm looking faster.

  3. it's always something.
    Will there also be rats? I hope not

  4. "slept" through the dance? I think you were lucky to miss that one!