9 out of 9 
the ending of the beginning dream
Racket sounds off from both ends of the house as heat pump + the refrigerator are rehearsing a forthcoming music group auditioning for Little Carnegie Playhouse but I'm terrified to let them both in on that LCP has been defunct + dejunked for years I know I am making a mistake + go intoVan Eyck mode except not by painting pupils into the eyes of pinhead sized figure sitting in boats floating on a Renaissance lake but me spiraling into the details of guilt shame + other dark human condition type thingies remembering every wrong I have ever done to anyone any thing every mistake + insult to the artistic aesthetic I ever made every one every single one this goes on for a way too long till I recover in the waking hours the pain of the dreaded evil entity fading + remember again like all the previous springtimes a portable table will be placed over the heat pump clamped down creating an outdoor nook to enjoy our afternoon tea time + so there in a few weeks the baton will be completely handed over to the fridge + the heat pump will take a long rest from heating as the fridge will takes on the cooling with it’s own brand of whining for attention who knows what they think? 


  1. This is why I like natural gas!

    Fun read, Jayne! Thanks for playing (again).


  2. methinks the washing machine might lend a hand, if needs be

  3. Totally a fun read. Who'd have thought a fridge and heat pump could be the stuff of dreams and so entertaining.