Perhaps notes on moving. And momentum.
I’m wondering, for someone who so very rarely sits down,  how have I managed to collect so many chairs.
Books; examine (once again) how many books you want to move the rest of your life.
Getting a/head of ones self. I have altered moments when I’m driving and do not know what coast I’m on. Or, the license plate in front of me belies a foreign county.
 Travel is good for the perspective, yes?
 I love the act of packing up AND LEAVING.

I saw Salvador Dali  coming out of the laundromat. He walked past (a very pale) Bud Cort who was  sitting on the curb.
Ct. Kangaroo was in the car next to me as Fidel Castro drove a Dolly Madison truck through the red light. He was eating a package of donuts that had ‘accidentally’ broke open. 
Dave Van Ronk was walking his dog. Actually I see Dave a lot, so he’s not even worth the surprise of mentioning, but it's always nice.

Tune in, turn off, drop out, drop in, switch off, 
switch on and explode.  
–Mr. Kite / Across the Universe


  1. Castro Still Has A Pulse, Which Is A Victory of Sorts (& more than most)

  2. Yeah, I hate moving books.

    We've read that second portion before, have we not?

  3. Jeff; I remember mentioning Burl Ives and nuns in a rambler, could have Castro too. He is a local and is seen driving in the high front seat weekly stopping at the small gas markets. One of those funny, consistent characters in my life and worth a second mention. And you have to admit that is a great name. Kind of an oxymoron on it's own.

  4. nice. like the art...i dunno. books are my friends and any reason to pick them up and flip through them...but moving yeah we have done way too much of that...tell ct. Kangaroo hi for me next time...used to watch him as a kid...smiles.

  5. i could see Castro eating those donuts and the white powder sprinkled on his OD uni...

  6. Ciao Bella, Are you moving agin, or was that just a thursday theme idea? I sometimes have that feeling of not knowing which place I am in when I wake up.... having counted up and realized I have lived in thirty different places since I left the Rodney Street parental abode...I am enjoying staying in one spot for a bit... coming up on a year now back in la belle province...

  7. Seems like a nice bunch of people to bump into, even today.

  8. too bad you didnt see mr. kite too, but maybe it wasnt a very windy day