More from the ongoing WIP/graphic work collab with Lonnie.
I will post a picture-page or so now and again.
Just not this now. (I forgot to ask permission.)

Houndstooth Check; A twill weave construction in which a broken check is produced by a variation in the pattern of interlacing yarns, utilizing at least two different colored threads. This is the weave that hides stains real well.

mistake; Also called Spontaneous Expressions, and, they add uniqueness and expense to the work.

now; As in The Now. The very now gets very old very fast and starting from scratch can be old news to begin with. So begin with something that is already on the designated design path that will get you there sooner than now so you can say you’ve been there later. 

hypomnemata; A material memory. A copybook, a notebook. A written permanent relationship between self and self. Memorandum, quotations, fragments of works, examples, actions witnessed or read, reflections and reasoning heard or have come to mind. An accumulated treasure for rereading and later meditation. Also, raw material for writing more formal work.

Toshiro Mifune

A  line  left blank in his honor.
p.s. - In the early movies they had to wear their own clothing.


  1. This project is not angst riddled & smartassy, though it may seem, by this small slice. We are (way) over that part of our lives. Or, I am. Lonnie may need to speak for himself here. -J

  2. lol. nice comment...i like the commentary on mistake and now...perticularly mistake cause i resonate...

  3. Toshiro Mifune! The original choice for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Heh.

    Waiting in anticipation for the images.

  4. like the idea of a hypomnemata...these come in handy for big big projects.
    cool list