An open mouth bleeds
Trick/ling down from branch to branch
Drumming out all time
The pale blue cloth turns deep plum
Blank shape, sanguine edged
Outline where a hand removed
From a white stomach
Still clutches a maché boat
Just as very well
Bleached fabric smells as though
It will explode any moment
One cannot bleed forever


  1. Ooh, I like.

    By the way, when you link to 10thDoM, erase that "#links" at the end of the url. It takes us to the bottom of your page.

    We'll fix it this go-round.

  2. Your journal pages are so symbolic, dear Jayne. I really enjoy combination of your thoughts, drawings, poems...

  3. Love the blue bleed and the rather erotic tree. Perhaps that's just me.

  4. Not sure I understand this one. I wish I did because it leaves a good feeling in my head.

  5. nice combination of words and image...i like muy much

  6. I keep feeling I am in the cadaver room with a mortician. Very striking images in my head. But why 'sanguine'? Ah ... well, I never. I thought it just meant that you take things as they come, sort of laid back. But ... it also means a ruddy complexion, full of blood. So ... where does that lead me ... I have the red and I have the white ... mmm ... I go immediately to the War of the Roses, but I suspect that is not where you are going ... and why is this body holding a paper boat?


  7. Jeff; I will try to see what you mean next time. I appreciate your

    Svetlana; I appreciate your accolades.

    Baino;I appreciate your candor.

    Sorry I can not sent you an personal email unless you send me you address... I am not hooked into the automatic that brings up your email up when I punch it on your blog...
    other words I could have used...
    speak blood/not writ in stone
    first (childhood) betrayal
    Right of passage
    Blood reminds be of the possibility of a (messy) life, here, not death.

  8. This one is all about feeling for me, and not much about understanding. But with the tree (which when enlarged really is rather erotic) and the colors and shapes of the word images, it works.

  9. Ah, the complexity of poetry in its simplistic form! I've reread this several times and I am none the wiser! I feel like someone who is observing death or a "messy life" with no vested interest in the person it's happening to! Way to make me think...

  10. I very much enjoy the marriage of imagery and words.

  11. Glad you remembered to have the breakfast surreal today. Nice post!