A random memory just flew by.
Years ago I knew a woman selling fabric goods at a hip store named Poppies in Berkeley. She told her roommate at home one night that...
“Geee it was busy, we sold so many notions today!”
“You sell Notions?”
“Yes, we do.”
“Wow... you... sell....Notions...’
Obviously he was thinking on the lines of Sometimes a Great...
Yes, It is a burden to carry other people memories.

Okay, so here's what I wanted to say.
Am I the only one who saw the movie Where the Wild Things Are, and turned it into an Ingmar Bergman film? It really was not that big of a jump.

So, I read into things. It’s one of my faults.
It’s not as though I shoot smack.

I introduced the kids to Limelight. Synopsis: A young ballerina is a mess because she can’t get her career started. Cavalero, an aging vaudevillian, is a train wreck because he is at the end of his. Every line seems to have weight to it, reading as Chaplin’s essay on how to live without regrets. It is an autobiographical bittersweet movie spoken in such a lyrical voice.

The kids had seen it three years ago but understood more this time around, and so, got more out of it.
The coming of age as the blooming of metaphoric understanding. The year you realized that the scarecrow, tin man and lion ARE the farm hands. (Sorry if I just blew that for some of you.) It happens to every child and there is a proverbial line drawn at that time.

At the end, and as an aside: Chaplin was awarded an Academy Award for composing the theme from Limelight twenty years later in 1972. The boycott against Chaplin in the US by his right-wing political enemies was so successful that his film never played the required two weeks in a Los Angeles theater to be eligible for consideration at the time of its original release in 1952. But while he was banished, his theme song was not. Even today people who never knew who Chaplin was still recognize its haunting melody.


  1. I never knew that about Chaplin. That was very interesting!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. You know, now that you mention it, there are definite traces of Bergman in Where the Wild Things Are. Maybe not so much of The Seventh Seal or The Virgin Spring, but the revelation and redemption processes are very similar.

    Weird... I'm gonna have to watch it again.

  3. When I was young, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the different meanings of notion. I kind of like the idea that maybe somewhere in the world there is a shop that...

    I've not seen Wild Things yet.

  4. coming of age and metaphors...oh yes. interesting about chaplin...

    happy holidays!

  5. LOL!!
    yes, you may have spoiled the wiz for some, but oh well! saw Limelight years ago, will have to revisit it for sure! thanks! and Buon Natale to you!

  6. You know, I THOUGHT I would have enjoyed that film more without dialogue, as I liked the visuals but not so much the insistently dream-destroying dialogue. But if it had all been in Swedish, and therefore a little less on the nose...hmm.

  7. now i'm thinking about selling notions... i don't think they'd sell well because we all have so many; the supply and demand thing is not favorable right off the bat. but still, i like the idea of a sign advertising 'Notions For Sale'. somehow it seems it would be very inviting... magic would be involved...

    truly, jayne, i might buy some of yours...

  8. was so intrigued that i had to go listen to the song on youtube..didn't even mind watching a video of a spinning vinyl disc, even the crackling of the record needle was fine, as the music was deleriously beautiful. Thanks!

  9. HO HO HO! Merry Christmas from me and Otin!

  10. Bestest Wishes For Christmas. love from tony.

  11. A very Happy Holiday to you, Jayne!


  12. Thanks for sharing this about Chaplin!

    wish you have a happy Christmas with family and friends! Health and happiness for you!


  13. I love Charlie Chaplin...You may recall my term paper on him, in my second or third year of college. I made an A+!
    It's tacky I guess, to be too "proud", but I loved watching him(the term paper was for a class called "Masters of the Silent Screen")and writing about him.
    Our Yia-Yia loved that paper I wrote; she even kept a copy of it.
    I hadn't thought about CC in awhile. Thanks for reminding me of how special he was...is. :)
    btw, your Greek cookies rock! Thanks, cuz!

  14. AHven't seen the movie as yet, but I get your drift.

    And Chaplin was a master!