For the sake of shedding a bit of light on the numbered plates from
Minotaur: There is the Shadow of a Monster on the Front Porch

The Minotaur is used as the device in this work. Mythos’ son is mentally readying himself for the Athenian youths destined on their tribute trek into his home labyrinth to view his art work installation. We find him part victim, part inmate + part monster who will always cast a dark shadow on our psyche - but he is innocent of all these pre judgments. His dreams, hopes + experiments are self chronicled for his light amusement.

Since this is built as a graphic novel, in 37 plates, it stands as it is. This work will seem less random to some of you. It is stream of consciousness, yes, + some free-style association, but not haphazard when read strung along, as it should. Sequential can be a good thing.


  1. Explanation or none, I love it anyway.

  2. I love stream of consciousness work. It is always so connected to so many things that are going on in the world.

  3. Stream of consciousness is perfect for such an ancient subject. Memories cease to be lucid and become fragmented with time.
    I love this plate especially.

  4. I enjoy it when no one names or tells you about their project.

    Makes you think on your own and wonder if you're seeing what the artist sees.............


  5. I like! Then again my conscious stream is pretty...er...um...well, it's hard to describe, really.

    And no worries on TT. Seems we're both behind, wot? Cheers :)

  6. CM, I haven't for a long while... but there seemed to be a wee bit of frustration and I do like to be inclusive.

  7. very cool...i think i am conscious...smiles.

  8. I knew what the Minotaur was! I am getting better!

  9. j: I wasn't making a judgement either way....it's not for me to do.

    Anyway, I thought you were inclusive, simply by posting ; )

  10. a 'graphic novel'. damn, i love that.

    beautiful solstice to you, jayne...


  11. i have just been admiring your books on your other site... your art is awe-inspiring, and new to me, i don't know much about this type of book-making...
    i am always amazed to discover how much these ancient myths are still alive in us - perhaps they really represent universal and eternal psychic archetypes, as Jung thought!

    Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2010!