a few Random / Thoughts
e need to release all of the marginally insane.

four kinds of adults
-the kind that were teased as kids.
-the kind that were not teased as kids.
-the kind that teased.
-the kind that did not tease.

I've been reading articles about Zen to Houdini, all of them emphasizing the need to be effortless in your work. Regardless of the hard work you put into your writing, the reader must sense it's easy for you. Is this idea important?

Star Wars: There is a war going on for chrisake, why doesn't anyone lock up the flight machines? Everyone seems to be taking off in whatever vehicle is the most convenient.

Never wear your Bulgari or Prada to a charity meeting.

When in a museum, when you know from the map that around the next corner you will be seeing a Rembrant... does your head trumpet,
Ta Ta Ta Dahhh.

lood i palms... ? 

I reckon I write to get down ideas, not to be able to read it later.


  1. I Never Use Maps.Even In A New City.The Best Way To Know Someplace Is To Be Lost In It.

  2. Effortless - Interesting. What is the rationale of making things seem effortless even if it is not?

    I love your new plate on Bookworks. The weather certainly does speak for itself:)

  3. i like to read your words, jayne, even if a written response doesn't come to mind. know that they are inside of me, making me think or smile or... xo

  4. i take windfall wanders in new places
    collecting leaves from the pavement
    and writing a sentence
    about the collection point
    in a folded paper book
    as i go
    have more chance of finding my way back
    by looking for the donor plant
    than by what i've written

  5. there is a war going on... because men like war. (Doris Lessing).
    I like your blog. It is both deep and whimsical.

  6. Got an image of a museum as a book, so the walls are pages that you turn by walking past them...

  7. the picture on this post, looked thumbnail size like a tiara.
    and indeed, als your words are little gemstones
    i love to read your blog:))

  8. never not lost, it's like a perpetual rotating location, like being drunk without the benefit of alcohol. forget maps...can;t fold a fitted sheet either. fun post.

  9. Enjoyed your random thoughts - you go ahead and write to get down ideas - it is us, your readership, that can enjoy reading it later. Not sure about the effortless though, why should we want to disguise the fact that effort has gone into something. A mass-produced, injection-moulded, plastic duck is effortless. Your pictures are not.

  10. intriguing random thoughts...star wars, one of my favs, but then again maybe that was the effortlessness...who needs a map?

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog....I'm glad to see such a interesting blog as yours and I'll put you on my blogroll.
    So thanks


  12. I think that gate could be taken down and made into a lovely beauty-pageant tiara for a glamorous giantess.

  13. Definitely Tatata Dah.

    I love these random thoughts.

    Renee xoxoxo