Traffic conditions.
Conditions for traffic.
You need a lot of cars.
You need too little road.
You need loss of time.
You need a driver fishing for a cd on the floor of the truck, some one opening a pack of Fig Nutons, someone who can‘t put down a book, or a cell phone, etc...
You need at least three thoughts, not on driving, for each behind the wheeler.

Driving to me is about watching things go by, not necessarily about watching where I’m going.
Chloe notices that,
“The blue mountains are closest to the sky.”
As we do because we can, on another level I was thinking of how painterly the clouds seem. But if painted this haphazard on canvas it would look contrived.

...And thinking about when to paint the return. What if the return is already painted another color and thus the returns begin to argue over which is the real return? Return to forever? Return from where? This implies that we got there safely. After tagging the wall do we turn and head back?

...And, also regretting not being able to write something down, since I was already reading while I was driving.
‘Drew’s voice wafts into the front seat. He heralds seriously to Chloe how it is going to be.
“Well, I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that the Earth is going to blow up. The good news is that we’re all going to be gone.”
Always eager to up the wager, Chloe responds,
“Yea, well, I learned how to speak Spanish today. I can say corn! Cornalito!”
“I am so over you, Chloe!” ‘Drew blasted, frustrated at her lack of obeisance.

from a WIP book image, above: Chance Neglected
She hailed a cab by using obscure hand gestures.
The cabbie zooms by a costume shop named Just Decide. A restaurant called Food. A leather place run by Hell’s Angels that touted a teetering lineup of hogs on the front sidewalk. Tiny, the tallest Angel, wore boots covered with retablos, buckles and buttons. Scraps scavenged from the shoes he repaired. This layer, in turn, was covered with the dust of his exploits. She saw memories in every shop, on every corner, every greasy spoon offered a fleeting tease of an image, color, or conversation, until the collective experiences blurred and flew by as a giddy roller coaster in suspended animation.
A painted tin votive rested on her kitchen altar. It was her attempt at visual gratitude to those who have interceded on her behalf. When she half prayed, she also half wondered if this ex-votos stuff was effective.

This was indeed a traffic meander, but it’s what I do.


  1. I love that picture.

    Interesting words on traffic. I don't think I'll manage to finish my piece in time for TT.

  2. I did not see any good news in that good news bad news scenario! haha!

  3. "This was indeed a traffic meander, but it’s what I do"
    And you do it so well. And that always makes a visit to your blog an enjoyable experience.

  4. Otin, I believe he meant we would all be living on Saturn by then...

  5. i do think you have discovered the recipe for traffic...if you can come up with the one to get rid of it that would be great. love the musical wizard header!

  6. I do enjoy my visits here!
    the word for traffic in modern Greek is "kinisi"(kinetic..)which literally means movement- traffic has the meaning of moving goods, doesn't it? so on the radio when I hear "there is a lot of traffi"c on such and such a road" what I hear is "there is a lot of movement" and I know cars are standing still
    it breaks me up every time
    except for when I'm actually in one of those cars
    ps I know the one with the unputtable down book

  7. the only thing I watch when I'm driving is the other guy!

    I LOVE your masthead. Is that your work? It's terrific.

  8. Interesting & Happy Thursday to you, too!

  9. My dream is to have secret tunnels from my house to properties all over town where the tunnels come out. That way...I can drive without traffic to wherever I wish...

  10. This was great...I love Fig Newtons! ha!

  11. Your new header is beautiful and thanks for yet another provacative post.

  12. Nicely done and really like your header and the collage ; )

  13. Nice meander through the traffic, Cornalito! A truer recipe was never written. Your header is stunning! Thanks for the syrupy eye candy.

  14. A hot cup of coffee
    Talking on the cell
    Texting while your driving
    Can contribute to the Hell
    Of traffic.

    Great TT post

  15. Dig the header!

    Hmmmm, where is the good news? Let's figure out a way to do away with the traffic...okay?

  16. It's the loss of time that I lament! Sitting in traffic for 2 hours a day is such a waste. Great words as usual . . Speaking of meandering, we have blue mountains,

  17. The Real Return Is The Colour Of Our Choice! Great Post.