Random thoughts getting clearer.

We are not here to point out their mistakes, only to appreciate them.

Competition is the bouquet of life. 
Akin to Mickey and Lenny spurring each other onto greatness through their mutual rivalry.

Note to myself for the kids. Use nary a discouraging word.
Try to open as many window as possible. The generation of duck and cover and see the big light... ripped clothing blown up...
Law of diffraction. And attraction. Just for the friends not for the empire.
Or, perhaps for the empire, too.

If we were to reckon People by three things; would they be...

What was your favorite Candid Camera episode?

What was your favorite drawn cartoon?

How would you use your second chance?

Answers in the next installment.


  1. Candid camera? It was all so long ago. Matthew Kelly when he wasn't scary...

    Cartoon? Southpark, Ren & Stimpy, Family Guy... but animation is where my attention really lies. Studio Ghibli, Watership Down...

    A second chance? Be more confident in my own process. Worry less about the opinions of those that hold themselves on too high a pedestal. Their opinions are unrealistic.

    Nary a discouraging word. A good motto. I will try and remember it more often.

  2. I dont know about cartoons.......(I,m a Daffy-Duck Man myself) But I judge people by Comedy.I can never understand the humour in Laurel+Hardy.but I love The Marx Brothers!

  3. Jasmine, Thanks for your thoughtful comment. a lot to say just before 7 in the morning! I like your second chance chance...

    Yes! Tony, my favorite cartoon is Duck Amuck! Though I do love all of the Mel Blanc voiced 'toons.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

    Hmmmm. Liked a lot of candid camera but can't remember a specific episode; does that mean they weren't memorable?

    Bugs Bunny; he was too cool.

    Would love a second chance in a few choices I made decades ago.

  5. Krazy Kat would be my favorite (drawn) cartoon.

    Second chances, to live with less fear and more patience.

  6. "Competition is the bouquet of life"-how true in many ways...

    Alan Funt-HA! The coffee machine( or was it the soda one or both? Memeory...foggy )

    Duck Amok, Daffy's Rhapsody( oh heck anything voiced by Mel Blanc )and Tom & Jerry-HA!

    Second chance? Hmmm...that'll take some thought...

  7. They would make interesting interview questions!

  8. I don't know why I can't seem to remember any Candid Camera episodes, although I've seen them all many times. Cartoons - never liked them. I take that back - I laugh at the cartoons in The New Yorker every week.

    I do have a copy of D.V. by Vreeland and have read it several times. She was all over the place, wasn't she? Thanks Jayne.

  9. I liked that uncensored candid camera that was on HBO, years ago!

    I like family guy now, and The Flintstones years ago!

  10. Nice questions:
    Candid Camera : One from the original series in Britain back in the early 1960s where Jonathan Routh got on the Liverpool to Wallasey ferry and standing next to a chap leaning against the rail said "I'm looking forward to seeing New York aren't you?" I know it's stupid but it stil makes me laugh 50 years on.
    Drawn Cartoon : Andy Capp
    Second Chance : Not to trust a particular person again.

  11. i'm guessing Candid Camera is something on TV? i had a TV free childhood and these days swing by my parents house to watch Midsomer Murders and Top Gear [both beautifully British] but that's about it

    mind you i have a nice collection of DVDs...

    cartoon? Footrot Flats [drawn in New Zealand]..this may not have reached the US.?

    but a second chance...that opens up Pandora's box. i'd love more, breathe deeper, listen better, climb higher and stand still more often
    take some things less seriously and other things much more so
    but you don't need an 80,000 word comment so i'll save it for another book...

  12. I can't remember a Candid Camera episode I didn't like. It puts Pranked to shame.

    Cartoons from back in the day? Mighty Mouse. As an adult I would make a different choice. But I lived for Mighty Mouse. Here he comes to save the day.

    Second chance? Stay in school for ever and ever.

  13. thank you all for your thoughts...
    Susan, yes, here's to less fear and more patience!

    Subby, it's actually suppose to be the 'spice', but bouquet sounds sweeter, as if that were important. I think we would have gotten along well as kids... no fighting over what to watch!

    Catherine, yes, I did forget about those NYer funnies...you can enjoy them when your not i the city.

    Alan, I'm always glad to know more about you.

    India, I reckon I've been tv free since I was out of the house...yes, CC was a classic tv show in the early 60's... one of the few shows we were aloud to watch, so it made it special.
    I will look up Footrot Flats.

  14. I'm happy to see that I am not the only television-free person here.

    I grew up an ex pat from infancy to nineteen. As a kid, I watched Spanish language flintstones, never saw Candid Camera, and would love to get a second chance to live outside the U.S.

  15. Interesting post.

    I'll go a bit further and bring up Art Linkletters "Kids Say The Darndest Things" and wish that was shown again.

    As I remember, the subtlety of life came through in their simple answers.

    Seems Einstein is getting around this week ; )

  16. Thank You very much for visit on my blog!
    Cartoons - last time I hadn't watched any... So I don't have the answer. Good luck!

  17. Hmm... I like your place very much too. It is really nice to meet you. See you soon and all the best! :-)

  18. Hmmm cartoons...well I love Donald Duck I guess ;)

    Have a great day and month!

  19. Hi Jayne,

    Sorry if my rat story went over like a lead balloon...perhaps you'll give me a second chance at another visit? I wish you a wonderful week.

  20. Jayne, of course you're right; bouquet does sound better. And I do have a copy of all the NYer cartoons( 'tis a pretty massive tome but the full text is all on CD ) Chaz Addams was a favourite :)

    @ coffee messiah, loved that show and glad it's( mostly )all now on DVD!!