Begin now.
There exists a a very long, even for us, working title of a
jargon dictionary Lonnie Hanzon and I are compiling. Here's a few extrapolations on beginning, the cycling of a beginning, or sort of...

Acedia: "a state of restlessness and inability either to work or to pray,"
Discussed in Maisel's Fearless Creating. Seems to be the moment between the grounded plane and the flying plane. There is enormous energy trying to get the plan off the ground. Once you are in the air, you can react to being in the space, in the context to create something. Beginning is sometimes a forced exertion of momentum.

Product; Product is not art, it’s the result of art. You can criticize product. Art, to whatever degree is a process. It begins in the heart and the mind with the eyes and hands. see- PROCESS.

Now; As in The Now. The very now gets very old very fast and starting from scratch can be old news to begin with. So begin with something that is already on the designated design path that will get you there sooner than now so you can say you’ve been there later.

Ready-Fire-Aim; The ability to start before you are altogether ready in order to initiate a beginning. Available in stores soon.

Okay, all right, I will now try something I’ve never attempted,
(do I hear a drum roll?) if the video doesn't work out, here is the link...

Centraal Station Antwerpen gaat uit zijn dak!

...and just TRY not to get a lump in your throat.
(so, I can't work this, are there easy instructions, anyone?)
I did it, I did it!

When the war of the giants is over, the wars of the pygmies will begin.  -Winston Churchill

Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile, or the light won't come in.  -Alan Alda

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
   -Wally Disney


  1. i really like the Alan Alda quote...so true. i have been guilty of the ready, aim, fire i'll admit...doesn't always end well. saw the vid before...cazy.

  2. Dig it.

    Use the "embed" code instead of the hyperlink next time... that should do it.

  3. GAH! I've still got that earworm from mouse's post( but not this particular video )Pretty cool, actually...and great quote by Alda!

    AS for how to work the vid links, email me on that( I have my thanks to Leah and can walk you through it )...

  4. And you just had to post a pic of PBJ, didn't you? I'm off to makes some sammiches!!:P

  5. I like the "Ready-Fire-Aim" thing and I suspect it is the most valuable attribute. Pity you can't order it on-line.

  6. Just as I thought you were getting a little cerebral for me I clicked the link - foikn awesome! Yeh just copy the embedded code into your 'compose' page. Brilliant!

  7. Duh... I figured it out. Thanks for all the clues.
    The unknown always seems more mysterious than it needs to be.

  8. bravo, bravo....brilliant post and a brilliant lead in and segue to an amazing piece of performance art!!

    I recognize that others find many of the songs to the s of m annoying, but I love them....and for some very odd reason never mind when they become an earworm...maybe because that movie was such a touchstone when I young.

    I think I'll have to post this version on my fb page and put up a link on the mouse.

    question....did the vid make anyone else tear up? can you imagine being at antwerp station! wow!!!

    the dictionary project sounds GrEaT....

    and yes, love how you put it art is process

    nice quotes....as you know I'm quite fond of quotes!

  9. I ADORE this clip...a TRUE favorite! Would have liked to have BEEN THERE to experience first hand!

  10. When I feel stressed I pop in my "Sound of Music" album and let Maria chase all my worries away.

  11. Both Alda's and Disney's are great! I am going to use their thoughts to get me moving in new directions. Thanks ! C

  12. That was great Jayne!I never seen that clip before,that was cool.I also thank you for your comment on my blog but I didn't understand the question you left there.Perhaps you thought it was the TT post,I was late doing it,it's now on the page!lol.
    Have a nice day :)

  13. I ;ove the Alda quote and the video was great, too! What a happy way to begin the day. Thanks, Jayne!

  14. What a great post. Loved "Ready-Fire-Aim"... gonna use THAT one in conversation. GREAT video! The happy faces on the onlookers actually DID cause me to tear up, but I'm just a sappy guy. Keep 'em coming!

  15. Love that clip....just the beginning of a good mood, huh!

  16. i liked this; all of it. And congrats on the video thing ( which is very cute) --i still haven't figured out how to do it!

  17. Thanks for stopping by...

    Kimy; I don't believe the Sound of Music escapes anyone's sentiment of us, of a certain age. Thanks for all the thoughts.

    Candie, I KNEW that was Rhyming Wednesday...your NOT late, it's still Thursday!

    Skip, I'm with you, pass the hankie!

    Tom, If I can figure it out...

  18. Heh, heh! I think ready-fire-aim is a common human foible. We're a damned restless tribe, aren't we?

    Great take on the theme!

  19. Only discovered this vid myself this week. It's great! "Let's start at the very beginning..." Well done.

  20. hahahah Great! Love the Disney quote. :)

  21. I enjoyed your definitions- and really enjoyed the video. I wish I had been there too!

  22. Love love love the Video...Is that the Belgian version of the electric slide? Why can't we all just start dancing in random spots like that? I'm in a much better mood, now.

  23. Wonderful post. I need to learn to use more than just words. Happy TT