erculean tasks of the modern world.
1. Capture any solution and wrestle it into reality.
Kill a deadly snake with a blunt shovel and a strike-anywhere match.
3. Trap a butterfly with your bare hands.
4. Recognize a nihilistic response and remove the physical challenge that is begging to be violated.
5. Bend two wrongs to make a right.
6. Scare a murder of crows away with extraordinary music.
7. Focus your aggressive, uncontrollable humor on a mirror forcing it to reveal itself.
8. Take a group of nay sayers and change their minds.
9. Single out an enemy and the rest will fall.
10. Prove it takes only a gadfly to clear a room.
Save someone in anguish and then ask if this person has the knowledge you seek.
Use a gift as a great persuader.
13. (An alternative challenge.) To create a shore for Michael to row his boat up on to.


  1. Brava Jayne! I just came back from a meeting of American writers and artists on a visit to Assisi, and their last night here, so they were reading their writings and displaying their art... Then I return to your most inspiring segment for today.... I am feeling the power to write again, and now that the exhibit is up and the Gallery is there.... (i just have to make a sign for above the door...) These New York ladies have been coming to Italia for 29 years for rt workshops... next year I will be involved, sicuro! Love your blog bella! ciao L.

  2. A Long List! And its only Monday.!:)

  3. Great list! I really laughed at bend two wrongs to make a right.

  4. so very cool. love it (and the new header as well)

  5. Jayne: your blogs are visually stunning, inovative and though provoking. I will enjoy exploring your books. They are fascinating. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your list is inspiring. I have work to do.

  6. Hi Jayne! I think I've done all but #'s 7 and 13. Had to do some deep thinking but yeah...sounds about right. And I really like the header work :)

  7. Lisa, so happy to hear from you, I will write to you on a more private venue.

    Tony, Sarah, Brian... glad you stopped by1

    Ronda, Thanks for the wonderful words.

    Subby, Would you please slow down? You're ahead of everyone!


  8. Jayne, sorry but I'm hyper-mimnded-LOL! No, really! And I just used the shovel on the snake...no matches...hey! it was a copperhead!

  9. Good night! Your impossible list has made my brain swerve and the purple lettering has made my left eye twitch and collapsed my hornpipple gorn-pllloff. Still, there are some mighty fine ideas in there...

  10. Got it. Wow. Love the color in the words. You are amazing every day. every day. L