Number nine...

I reckon most people remember what they were during Woodstock.
Kind of like when Mayor Daley died, or the assassination of JFK or John Lennon.

I was in a small town in New Jersey watching the news on a B&W tube. They played the aerial photography of the OD tents, and the masses and the mud. Wow, that looked like fun, and they even showed footage of Joan Baez singing from the last night!

I begged my dad to let me go by bus, assuring him that I would be safe.
Everyone seemed friendly enough.

He could not be swayed. His 8 year old daughter was not going to a muddy music festival out in the middle of nowhere.
Are you joking, you've got to be kidding. And, he added, the NY through-way was closed.
Obviously my parents weren't the free spirited hippie type.

(Sigh) So, the pictures of Woodstock that were to be so vivid have been set the to music of other's memories. Sometimes it is burden to carry others' memories, not this time.

Even anti-climactic memories are sweet.


  1. The two images of Woodstock I seem to hold in my mind are the mud slides and Joe Cocker singing "With A Little Help". Sadly these are second-hand images as I was on the wrong side of the Atlantic at the time.

  2. I am too young for Woodstock but I always say that I wish I was there, that time, in that place :)


  3. Heehee, you had me there for a minute. I was 12, so wasn't on that bus, either.

  4. Funny just how much these images stick with us from those early years. Chicago Riots - RFK - Moon Landing.

    I would have gone with you - I was 7.

  5. I think I was picking my nose during Woodstock...I was 8

  6. Ohhhh my goodness.... This is a Rolls Royce blogg, and now I'm here....

    Tack tack tack - thanks in swedish o;)


  7. Alan mentioned Joe Cocker...love that song!

  8. I was 17 and although I wasn't there a highlight for me was the Who. Not sure I would have seen much with 500,000 people.

  9. i may have been a thought in my parents mind at that point...maybe not. smiles.

  10. Heck, I was barely two...and still living in(West)Germany, at the time. But would you really have gone, if your Dad had let on?

  11. Haha . .I think I was about the same age and across the pond so no hope for me either.

  12. I was young, but I don't remember where I was, I do remember thinking that I wished I lived closer so I could go :-).
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today.

  13. Wasn't Janis Joplin there? I was an older 19, almost 20, but I was living in Germany at the time. We read about it in Stars and Stripes. So much happened that year. It's as if we are in a whole new world now. I guess I was a nerd. It didn't look fun being muddy and sleeping outside. As my granddaughter says, "We're inside girls!"