andom thoughts. Ephemeral words.
The word ‘thwarted’ is only used in novels.

“Vampires ARE real! I saw a vampire interviewed on the National Geographic channel, and they don’t lie, do they mom?”

Water tanks & the wayside shrines.

End of a limerick never written
...for she can balance quite well with out it.

Got to admire Aubrey Beardlsey, a man who in this ninth hour destroys some of his (short) life’s work on the grounds that it is obscene and make it through inspection gate of heaven with it in his satchel.
And, J. Adams, for, who in a huff would jump up on the board table and throw his furry wig at his peers.

Lying down is like standing on your side.

We have hit upon the Baroque of cartoons.
I believe Flapjack is a good example.

Memories in every shop, on every corner, every greasy spoon offered a fleeting tease of an image, color, or conversation, until the collective experiences blurred and flew by as a giddy roller coaster in suspended animation...

Today's rainy day to-do list;
Build a fishing rod for Chloe-
Make NY pretzels with kids help-
Disperse dye a red cape-
Repair a chenille fabric as cover-
Make dog shade cover for the deck with scrap flag nylon-
Go to graveyard in the rain-
Remember to take pic of mossy crumbly green-


  1. I believe though that something can be athwart if you're sailing?

    What about tergiversation?

  2. Busy Listing ! Was All Achieved?

  3. Hi Artsparker, Thwarted, as in foiled, baffled. Sort of a British word, I've always thought ...not as 'athwart' in the ship-talk of right angles...
    As for tergiversation. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. But mostly I like to play with words even though they aren't my first language.
    Thanks for your comment.