...And who didn't feel that impulse to run as the 'button-eye' sewing episode was introduced in (Neil Gaiman's) Coraline?
I was thinking, that’s why a parent knows how to push their youngsters buttons...because they sewed them on!

In the studio there is a batch of antique jet glass buttons in a small grass basket. I have not really meant to assemble a collection, for each button was acquired for a specific duty. Then, the excitement of seeing the perfect button faded and was replaced with dread memories of small defenseless glass broken carelessly before its time.
Never throw a sweater down a ladder with jet buttons.
Never put a garment with jet buttons with dryer.
Never swing a bag of jet button around and around.
For a little button never (tried to) hurt anyone.

Wasn’t it Sam Levenson who something about making sure to
press the up button, if you die in an elevator?

Now I will mash the publish button (too soon);
it's next to the placebo-panic button.

Budai’s (Qieci) button. Popular folklore maintains that rubbing his
belly brings good luck. But you already knew that.


  1. ah, coraline. funny will try to reach the buttons when its mt departure time...

  2. Ah yes, press the UP button, indeed. And hadn't heard that about jet buttons, before...interesting...

  3. Love it. Amongst the laughs there is a fair deal of wisdom.

  4. I dragged my Coraline avatar out for the occasion!

  5. I sort of expected something a little different here. I have a candle Buddha . .apparently if you rub his 'button' it's good luck. Here's hoping. Willow's avatar is seriously spooky.

  6. Thanks for the comments...

    Willow, LOVE your creepy side!

    Baino, that's weird...you were expecting something?

    Ann, SEE YOU SOON!

  7. Ha! Fun stuff! I thought of "Coraline", too! The alternate-version of Whybie, with the button eyes and no speaking? Creeped me right the heck out!!!

  8. You know, if I've got to go hell anyway, might as well take the elevator...

    I've never heard of jet buttons...Red Buttons...but not jet buttons. They sound kind of needy...

  9. Excellent take on this theme. "I will mash the publish button." (I shall think of this often, I'm sure.)


  10. Fantastic photo, I read it as the world revolving around its navel. I love jet too. Oh, the guilt toward broken inanimate objects which comes from a love of beautiful things - this is very familiar to me.

  11. Not sure why, but I'm suddenly thinking of an old EC comic book horror tale about "shoe button eyes"... Brrr-rrrr-rr-rrr!

  12. Wings, I guess I need to check out Whybie... a book?

    ArtSparker, you read right.

    Cary, I'll need to get my son to look up that reff!

    Thanks all for you spontaneous and thoughtful comments!!

  13. Ah that was funny. Especially the remark about the publish button. Good stuff!

  14. i need an easy button to help me with these themes!

  15. I just watched Coraline on the television set last night. The opening sequence was one of the best parts.

  16. Posted mine really late.
    Yours was just great.
    Glass buttons do break.
    Myself to bed I must take

  17. Hello fellow Leo, are you a rat too*!*

  18. antique jet buttons, how lovely

    I've not seen Coraline yet, but have the book
    Very spooky use of buttons, I'm not sure I approve!