hose Groucho glasses...are they used to see through the humor or to see with humor. Why do I worry about these things? I just cant make these things go away.
Not trying to try to be difficult.
I don't like to talk to cops. I may feel compelled to confess something I didn’t do. And they may feel obligated to pull me in for questioning.
I like mental fleeing. Or, the physical kind.
Where-to Pilgrimages... a variety of travel that would have to fall within the threshold your adventure boundaries.

acation of mystery, where you pay your money and get on the plane. The only clue to where you are traveling to is the list of what you were asked to bring.
• Two ripped tee shirts, a copy of Bound for Glory, floss, wipes, a wing and a prayer.
- theme might be, Boxcars and Croissants.
• Loose belt, tweed cap, cushion, old newspapers, lined moleskine, favorite pen.
- genre would be; Castle and Pub Crawl.
• Diaphanous dress, night glasses, large canvas bag, water purifier, band-aids, air sickness pills.
- probably be, Under Bridges and Over Rainbows.

Vacations tittles, would be more even more fun to think up than, say, the names for new nail polish colors. And who wouldn’t want that job?

Sometimes you must take the wrong turns, toward the uncharted, to find something new.


  1. Huh? I like the comment about the fun-job-naming nail-polish, but you lost me some, on this post.. :(

  2. Just working and playing with words... again, Sometimes you must take the wrong turns... Yes? -J